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10-09-2011, 06:36 PM
This is my first toon that I level up this high. Sitting at 70 right now just got my d3 set so I can join pugs and try to get my t6 set. Is it worth doing all that or should I just wait till 85 to start farming gear?

10-09-2011, 08:09 PM
wait till 85 honestly. no point in farming old gear that you will replace within a day of questing...

10-10-2011, 05:53 AM
Wait until 85. I'd suggest as soon as you hit 80 start questing in Hyjal, the greens you get will surpass anything you picked up in WoLK. Do the Hyjal quest lines to open the 4 Ancients or Keeper, whatever they're call (Malrone, Tortolla, Avinia and the wolf one) since you'll need those for the Molten Front dailies when you hit 85. After you open the Ancients mess around in Vash'jr just to see it if you want.

10-10-2011, 12:04 PM
Normally I will do hyjal up to the blessing of the forest to make sure I unlock hyjal dailies at 85. Go to vash'ir and do the starter quests to unlock the seahorse mount. Go to deepholm and do at least enough to unlock the therazane tabard, but normally I do the whole zone to get revered with therazane. By then your normally 84 so go straight to twilight highlands and finish out to 85... if your not 84 do just enough quests to get 84 then go straight to twilight highlands. You will need the quest gear from twilight to help unlock heroic ques at 85.

10-10-2011, 05:11 PM
I usually do a bit of Uldum to get the tabard.

10-10-2011, 07:49 PM
Nice appreciate all the help. Issnt mt hyjal (sp?) A raid? Did the quest line in cot just to get the legs and have the quest for mt hyjal. Also as soon as hitting 85 what places should I focus on gaining rep ands what places should I avoid?

10-11-2011, 05:36 AM
Check out either gear websites like wowhead or get the addon atlasloot. Look in there for gear obtained by rep. You will want therezane in deepholm for shoulder enchants, you will need to find which faction has the best arcanum (head enchant) for you and any strong gear for your class.

10-11-2011, 08:10 AM
There was a raid in Burning Crusade called "Battle for Mt. Hyjal"; but in Cataclysm there is a new zone called Hyjal which you quest in at 80; as was said you need to get a least as far as opening the 4 Ancients so that when you hit 85 you can do the Molten Front dailies. If you don't do Hyjal now, you'll just have to go back at 85 to open Molten Front, if you want the dailies and some 365 gear.

If this is the first toon you're going to take to 85, you should understand that a lot of the advice you'll get here is from people who have multiple (I have 7) 85s and who's goal is to get to 85 as quickly, efficiently and effortlessly as possible. You, on the other hand, may want to experience the content. (Yes some people do like the journey to 85).

Personally, with the first few of toons I took to 85 in Cata I made a point to complete at least one zone. So I have one that completed Vash'jr which IMHO is the prettiest zone if not a little annoying for moving and fighting. Hyjal, is a pretty cool storyline when you take it to completion. Uldum's storyline is okay, but it has some fun quests (come on who doesn't want to burn 1000 gnomes) and the Harrison Jones quest line is fun. Deepholm, you'll need to finish, to get to within a hair of Revered to get the shoulder enchants. Twilight Highlands has a pretty good battle between Deathwing and Alexstrasza if you follow the quest lines out long enough.

When you 85, if you follow out enough quest lines and do some dungeons you should have a pretty good amount of 318 - 333 gear. Try to do some random dungeons while you push up to 85 to get some Justice Points. I seem to recall leaving WoLK with a few hundred Justice Points from randoms; you'll want the JP to buy gear at 85.

The other good thing about questing on your fist toon, is from 80-85 you can make a few thousand gold; always nice to have some gold around when you ding.

Good luck.

10-15-2011, 06:40 AM
Definitely do the t6 stuff if you like the appearance of the tier sets. Transmogrification will allow you to make your shiny new level 85 gear look like the awesome wares of yesterday. However, if that's not your cup of tea definitely burn through to level 80 and immediately start Hyjal. Once you have the ancients aided (Opens Molten Front) more to Vashj'r for Earthen Ring rep, then Deepholm, Uldum, and Twilight Highlands. I'm actually thinking about completing every cataclysm zone on my hunter just for rep and coin.. and to say I did that. LOL

10-20-2011, 12:36 AM
Yea pretty much ran through wotlk in a 2 weeks as soon as I hit 80 just bought some gear and can do wotlk heroics pretty easily as far normal cata dungeons go would I be good to run them with the gear I have now? I stopped my xp just so I could get my mount -_- as soon as I get exalted with wym. Im inning on going through cata content and picking up a lot of the stuff on the pre heroic list a lot of stuff I saw is available through jp and valor so im planning on picking that up until I can get good enough gear through running cata heroics/easier raids.

10-20-2011, 06:44 AM
Cata normal dungeons are pretty lol easy even while you're leveling, and the quests in the dungeons give some nice 318 - 333 gear. Stonecore is a bit a of a pain, but you shouldn't be able to burn through it on normal. Seriously, don't waste your JP on pre-85 gear, it's just not worth it, unless you're going to be over 4000 JP when you hit 85. You'll find that within about 5 quests in Hjyal you're replacing all the gear you got at 80.

The best you'll probably do in WoLK heroic is ilvl 200 gear (unless you're doing ToCh and the three ICC dungeons) and the quest gear and green drops in Hyjal are ilvl 305 I seem to recall and the quest blues are 318. Do the WoLK heroics if you just want to see them and experience what the rest of us did for 18 long, long, long, long months; but don't really do them for gear.

What class are you leveling?

10-20-2011, 07:03 AM
I wouldn't stop xp for anything, but then, I prefer to get 85 as fast as possible. The mount will come. Your level when you get it really doesn't matter. Even if you farm all the wotlk heroics, you will need some cata greens to run cata regs because of the item level requirements. As I recall, only my toons with wotlk raid gear were able to go straight to cata reg dungeons.

10-20-2011, 07:10 AM
The absolutely best items from heroic 25 man raiding in wrath were replaced by level 83, 84 at the very latest. Hit the quests :)

10-21-2011, 12:14 AM
Yea just started back up yest I hit exalted in a day just running heroics and dailies. Leveling a pally I know gear will get better as I go. I ran one cata dg ands made it through without dying. Should I start vaj. Or go through hyjal? Looked through some guides saying vaj was the first stop.

10-21-2011, 12:28 AM
I would say Hyjal just because as a melee dps or tank you get a cape and a belt form rep. Also the question line is amazing, and I really enjoyed it on all my toons... Also the quest line takes you up to revered.. Which is nice.

I'm opinion is highly biased... I hate vaj with a burning passion.

10-21-2011, 12:31 AM
Yea I despise swimming lol I can already tell im going to dislike it. Really appreciate all the help making this process so much easier!

10-21-2011, 12:34 AM
The story line (that I have seen so far.. I'm only like 50 quests in is pretty cool. All the high elf stuff is fun, and the twilight hammer in the giant crap things) is cool. And it is very cinematic, just.... Its massive, and I want the achievement to get me closer to lore master but it's reset every time I've faction changed grrr.

10-21-2011, 06:33 AM
Take a look at previous posts, do Hyjal first to at least open the 4 Ancients, you need to get that far to do the Molten Front dailies when you hit 85. Vash'jr is very pretty and you should do it to the point of at least getting the mount. That said, I did complete it on at least one toon and the submarine you get to ride in later in the quest lines is really cool.

10-21-2011, 06:36 AM
This is my first toon that I level up this high. Sitting at 70 right now just got my d3 set so I can join pugs and try to get my t6 set. Is it worth doing all that or should I just wait till 85 to start farming gear?

theotherone is right, make it to 85 an start your questing at level 80 in Mt hyjal. he is also right about doing the ancients quest line, as it will open up your firelands quests when you hit 85.

10-23-2011, 05:12 AM
I'm opinion is highly biased... I hate vaj with a burning passion.

Yeah, that booming laughter you heard was me.. all the way from west coast USA.

ANYWAY, definitely Hyjal until you've aided the ancients. Vashj'r until friendly rep with Earthen Ring. This should move you to Deepholm. Do that. All of it. Uldum to friendly/lvl 84, whichever comes SECOND. Then Twighlight Highlands. This will give you access to all the rep tabards, but I'll let you do the scouting for gear. Just remember Therazane has all the shoulder enchants this time around. By the time you're finished rep grinding, we'll all be pandas. Meh.

10-28-2011, 04:20 PM
Finally hit 85 started working on my rep grinding hyjal ram and wildhammer almost exalted width hyjal for now those three and weapons is all im really missing before Im raid ready. What raids do you guys think would be better to start with?

10-28-2011, 04:22 PM
Blackwing descent, Throne of the 4 winds, bastion of twilight