View Full Version : Death Knight am i crazy? DK tanking, outbreak, interrupt and the castsequence macro command!!

09-28-2011, 10:29 AM
So.... from last tuesday and on, Ive noticed something quite disturbing to me.
I have these castsequence macros I used to tank.... The castsequence macro solved to me a big problem I had when tanking: i wanted to maximize button space and still use no more than 2 actionbars. So I stuffed a few spells together that would make sense when used in an alternate fashion.

ex.1: interrupt macro: /castsequence reset=10 Mind Freeze, Strangulate, Arcane Torrent
So.... in fights like nefarian and maloriak when I had to interrupt the heck out of mobs, Id have one button to care about and it wouldnt waste my 1m cd if a Mind Freeze was available. Thing is.... if an ability wasnt available, it would cast the next, and that was the desired effect.

ex.2: diseases. I had Outbreak, Pestilence, and both diseases stuffed in a button in the same fashion, for the same purpose. That way, Id use that button to pull and if outbreak wasnt available at the time it would skip to something else.

now since last tuesday I swear to god the macro (which i havent changed) starte bitching an error at me and getting stuck at the ability. For instance, If I hit the diseases macro button and Outbreak wasnt available, it doesnt matter how many times I hit that freaking button the macro wont progress any further unless outbreak comes back from cd.

Did the command change at all? How do I get a list of what Blizzard changed macro-wiseky everyweek, or added commands and such?

09-28-2011, 03:08 PM
For several years now if a macro has a abilty on the GCD that it can't executre becasue the ability is on cd (GCD or otherwise) the entire maacro from that point will fail. been that way since i started playing at the start of wrath

I assume you're disease macro looks something like;
/castsquence outbreak, plague strike

first press performs out break, second press does plague strike, and repeat, if Outbreak is on CD it will get stuck at that point, if you don't have U/D rune up it will et stuck at the second point. That's how it's worked since at least wrath.

Reset macros can be tricky, remember reset is from the last time you pressed that macro so if you press once ofr MF ad then 5 seconds later presed it again for strangualte it will get stuck there and give you access to arcane torrentfor 10 secs, even though 5 seconds later MF comes off CD. However Strangulate is not off the GCD like MF or Arcane Torrent so if you later go to use that macro the first press will use MF, the second press will attempt to use Strangulate, but if that's still on CD it will stick there.