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09-27-2011, 02:32 PM
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Unncessary attack

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You could've made your point without directing it towards Ion who had a legitimate question about content and raiding. Lets keep the personal attacks off the boards.

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If you're not a raiding guild, why would anyone care if you're not killing raid bosses?

We're one week out from the nerfs and your angry, vocal insistence that nobody who wasn't already raiding was interested in doing so. The numbers are pretty crystal clear. The nerfs not only resulted in more successful kills, more full clears and much more progress into heroic mode content, but also in over 1600+ new active guilds registering progress. One might even call that a significant jump. Someone said that might happen. I forget his name. He was shouted down and called several unflattering names.

Also only 138 new guilds managed a HM Ragnaros kill. Compared with the 1700+ who downed their first heroic boss this week, you might be inclined to believe that there's still a significant challenge facing the overwhelming majority of guilds out there.

Last week NM Shannox: 33247 (98.13%)
This week NM Shannox: 34684 (97.66%)
Last week NM Ragnaros: 13088 (38.63%)
This week NM Ragnaros: 17061 (48.04%)
Last week HM Shannox: 10406 (30.71%)
This week HM Shannox: 12110 (34.10%)
Last week HM Ragnaros: 181 (0.53%)
This week HM Ragnaros: 319 (0.90%)