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Er...that's not random at all. It's not like they don't have control over when they go up. That's so far from random that I can only assume that you don't know what the word means.

In particular you can see "without method or conscious choice"...which is exactly what they're doing. They're making a conscious choice to go up.

It's also not split-second timing...you can go up basically whenever. There's no rush or any reason at all for the tank NOT to be the first one up, followed closely by the healer.

I mean...if coordinating something THAT simple is a huge, difficult task maybe you should consider single player games...

Yes, I know what random means--I also have a firm grasp of poignantly Offensive...

The random aspect that I was endeavoring to describe, and that seems to have been lost on the less than subtle (or even civil), is that pressing the green arrow, to go up sometimes means one goes up a second later, and giving cues on vent also has a random lag feature...therefore, designing a fight that relies on this being coordinated, without sufficient allowance for this built-in lag, is putting the fight into the realm of Luck.

And, yes, I'm aware that tanks can pop a CD, to accomodate this factor. Sometimes...;>)

And, that's what I get for succumbing to the "give examples of what you're talking about" discussion, as opposed to the, "talk about design in general terms" discussion.

Aside: Thanks, Krenian, for the effort, anyway...