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09-24-2011, 09:50 PM

So, i have a lot of thoughts and concerns reguarding Warrior T12 4 set bonus and which peices of gear to use for it so bear with me. Basically at first glance our 4 set is just way to ridiculously good to pass up.
First issue: Should DR be a concern with that 6% increase for 10 seconds? Should i get my dodge parry close together when i get the 4 set?
Second issure: Shoulders or Healm. Now, i know that the 384 tank shoulders that drop off of Rag are easily the most atractive peice of gear any tank ever laid eyes on. not only are thay dodge/mastery but tehy're the final bos drop making them 384 as aposed to 378(DUH) BUT sacrifices must be made somewhere. My current plan (begrudgingly) is to keep the helm i have and get my tier shoulders for a few reasons:
1) Tier shoulders have a lot of mastery on them, Tier helm has none.
2) Current helm is BIS as far as item to item comparison.
3) Tier shoulders have more mastery than the 384 Rag drop. (Less total avoidance, but i'm losing that either way i go?)
4) I am aware of the fact that a 384 item has mroe stamina and strength than a378, but only friggun tard automatically upgrade for iLvL.

ANYWAY, i would appreciate some advice on the matter, i'm sure the entire Warrior community has been bighting their nails over this same decision for some time now. I would also appreciate a idiots guide to DR, i've heard two basic explanations of it that dealt with different asspects of mechanics (blah blah blah), in short i THINK i know how it works (I don't need the math formula) but sometimes somebody says something that just confuses the hell out of me. (more knowlege here might just solve my problem)

Oh, and FYI, i did just down Domo(friday) and Rag tonight (casual raid guild, started VERY late on T11, then had problems with people leaving game, ect, haven't had a full core of 10 guild members since a few weeks after 4.2) so the gear i have is what i've had the opurtunity to get, i'm aware that few things need upgrading (sheild and trinket). Which reminds me, When the Trinket of Beth drops should i replace my stamina trinket, and keep two mastery trinkets, or should i hold a space for Scales of Life, and replace the dps trinket. (I have yet to hear anything AMAZING about scales, in theory they're cool, in practice, not so much)

A lot to take in up there, i appreciate all responses. Personal opinions on the subject are just as welcome if there is no RIGHT way to go about it, i jsut would like some feedback before I drop a beautiful tank peice for a almost as nice one.

09-25-2011, 01:39 AM
It gives 6% parry that isn't subject to DR just like the base 5% we get.

I prefer the 4p with baleroc helm but some people prefer 2p with beth chest/rag shoulders/baleroc headpiece. The 3 offset pieces give about 0,3% CTC and 2k hp more but i don't think that weighs up against the 4p set bonus.

Besides that its easier to get the 391 Tier shoulder from heroic domo then the hc shoulders from rag, with the recent nerfs domo is one of the easier heroics you might be doing him soon seeing you just downed raggy.

Idiot guide to diminishing returns:
The more ratings you have of parry or dodge the less actual value you get out of the next amount of ratings you get. For example the first 176 dodge rating gives about 1,03% dodge, while if you are at 2000 dodge rating the next 176 rating will only give you about 0,7% dodge. Formula: dodge= 5% base + ((dodge rating/176,72)*65,63)/((dodge rating/176,72)*62,74) formula for parry is the same.

As for trinkets I think scales of life is rubbish. For 10mans go with 2 mastery trinkets and if you feel like you need more stamina just switch in 1 stamina trinket. Tol barad trinket is still nice for baleroc and raggy if you don't have that one yet.

09-25-2011, 02:08 PM
Ok, the reason i asked about the DR is that i heard that it was a active mechanic in combat? Per dodge (for example) you would get a slightly deminished chance to dodge that compiles through combat. Which as you can imagine is very confusing.

Anyway, yeah very good point, getting heroic tier helm and boss drop shoulders from Rag would be incredibly dificut as apposed to getting the heroic tier shoulders from Domo and the boss drop helm from Baleroc.

09-25-2011, 02:40 PM
Ok, the reason i asked about the DR is that i heard that it was a active mechanic in combat? Per dodge (for example) you would get a slightly deminished chance to dodge that compiles through combat. Which as you can imagine is very confusing.

That's complete bullshit :P

Diminishing returns is just that you get less bang for your buck the more avoidance you get. It's to compensate for the fact that avoidance gets more powerful the more you have and prevent people from capping avoidance like in TBC. For example if you compare 50% & 60% avoidance you'll avoid 20% more hits with 60% relative to 50%. If you compare 70-80% avoidance you'll avoid 33% more hits with 80% relative to 70% while its both just a 10% difference. Of course we won't get to these high avoidance levels this expansion :)

09-25-2011, 03:20 PM
That's complete bullshit :P

Hence the reason i was very confused, thank you for clearign that up.