View Full Version : US [H] 10man 6/7 FL <Condemned> of Bladefist LF Death Knight, Priest, Rogue

09-14-2011, 10:29 PM
Background Information:
Server: US Bladefist
Faction: Horde
Raids: Tuesday thru Thursday, 12 noon server to 3pm server (Pacific Time)
Format: 10 man
Progression: FL 7/7, heroic in progression.
Loot: Roll

Recruiting :
All classes.

All exceptional players should apply ... daytime raiding guilds a rare and Condemned has consistently existed and raided for 2+ years.

Applications :
www.condemned-horde.com (http://www.condemned-horde.com)

About Us :
Condemned is a daytime raiding guild. We are looking for people who can raid from 12 noon to 3:00pm server time (Pacific Time) Tuesday - Thursday (sometimes Mondays for ALT, older content, etc). Condemned (Level 25) is a long time standing guild with a solid core of raiders.

We currently are open to any exceptional candidates who knows their class. Realm transfers are welcome.

The guild does provide flasks and buff food and helps with epic enchants/gems. Condemned is made up of mature/adult raiders that are focused on progression while having fun in a no drama environment.

Condemned is 7/7 Fireland raids with heroic in progression.

Applications can be submitted at www.condemned-horde.com (http://www.condemned-horde.com). All applications are responded to within a few days.