View Full Version : US <Machin Shin> @ US-Zul'jin - 25 Man Raiding (6/7 FL) recruiting healers and ranged!

09-12-2011, 10:51 PM
<Machin Shin> is the oldest active raiding guild on Zul'jin-US (Alliance) and we are looking for experienced healers and ranged dps to continue our progression into Heroic T12 content! We were 5/13 heroic T11 progression and 11/12 Heroic + Drakes in ICC25.

Raid times are 9PM-1AM Eastern Time, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Please do not apply if you cannot make those raid times! We also do not accept applicants under the age of 18. We're a guild of adults, and we need raiders who have control over their own schedules and who can hold their own in our filthy-minded raid chat! Mature players only!

In particular, we are looking for holy priests, resto druids, holy paladins, shadow priests, balance druids and an elemental shaman. Melee dps applicants will not have a guaranteed raid spot but we are always interested in quality applicants. Tank recruitment is currently closed. Visit us at www.machin-shin.us (http://www.machin-shin.us) and apply on the forums if you are interested!