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09-12-2011, 05:55 AM
*Looking for quality-dedicated raiders, 10 man format *

For those that don't have the time to commit to heavy schedules and wish to raid in a more advanced atmosphere. MagicBox- Drenden ( EST) alliance, is a group of experienced gamers that have returned to wow in seek of dedicated raiders for a short, 2 day raid week. We have 3 years of raid/guild leading experience at a competitive level, across several servers. After a short break from raiding, we have decided to come back full force to assemble a compact-powerhouse of a raid team. We are seeking all classes and specs that meet the criteria outlined below.


-Exceptional knowledge of your class-
-Positive attitude-
-prior raiding experience in a dedicated environment-
I can not stress the importance of having a positive attitude. We are effective yet devout to the belief that a positive outlook is what allows us to progress on such a short schedule.

*The Schedule*
-Each raid will run for 3 hours with 2 10 minute breaks.
- We will raid 2 days a week
-raid times are expected to occur on Friday and Saturday 7-10pm server, However we WILL change the days/time to accommodate the right people/person.

*In conclusion*
All those interested should email or wspr me or Halflvampire ingame or apply at our web site. All those interested in taking on additional responsibility such as an acting healing or dps officer, raid leader, flask maker, court jester, or village monkey should address their interest.

http://magic-box.enjin.com/home (http://magic-box.enjin.com/home) ( site under construction. we do apologize )