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09-09-2011, 05:24 PM
1 Non-priest heal with DPS OS

We are a stable casual raiding guild that has been successfully raiding for over a year. We are currently 4/7 in FireLands. Our members consist of everything from college students, self employed businessmen to persons with a family. We pride ourselves on remaining competitive with the hardcore raiding guilds on our server while maintaining a relaxed more casual atmosphere. From it's conception <Kleenex Not Included> has committed itself towards having members who are not only talented players willing to learn and understand the full depth of their class, but also people who hold themselves to this same level of excellence in all aspects of their lives. Interested applicants will be subject to a Ventrilo interview, and should only apply if they can adhere to basic guidelines of decency and behavior as well as acceptable levels of raid awareness. Please contact Arathion, Eliana, or Maratis.