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He's an enh shaman, he doesn't have one nor does he want one. However, an amazing mage in his guild that has been playing since vanilla finally saw a chance to get a legendary and their guild has been farming 6/7 HM for a month now, and b/c of this nerf, his calculated aquire date is december 15th, and the closest any other caster in his guild could get it would be close to april first, 2012. Pretty much towards the end of this xpac when it's no longer good and just sits there to look pretty.

He has reason to be pissed.

Wow, being angry for someone else. That takes the cake right there.

Let me just...nah...it's just a game, get over it.

At least you angsty fools are guaranteed a legendary via a quest. Not like waiting months into BWL before the bindings dropped in MC, or waiting for ingots. Yeah, ADD butt hurt kids crying when there is no need.