View Full Version : US [A-10man-Kel'Thuzad] 6/7 HM - Need Hunter or Mage

09-07-2011, 01:16 PM
Ashes is a semi-relaxed raiding guild, with the main focus on competitive progression. Our goal is to be the best possible raiding guild we can be, but at the same time enjoy raiding. If you're looking for a boring, strict, and serious raiding team then Ashes isn't the place for you. In our raids you can expect lots of casual talking, joking around, and a very relaxed raid environment. We like to remember this is still just a game, and you should have a good time playing it. The biggest requirement to join, is you have to talk alot and have a good sense of humor, because raiding in silence is boring as hell! Oh yeah and don't suck.

Other Amazing ranged

Current Raid Times (mountain time):
Tue: 7-11 Server
Wednesday: 7-11 Server
Thur: 7-11 Server

To apply, please visit our site:
http://asheskt.wowstead.com/ and fill out an application.

If you have any questions, contact Glasscup, Exkape, Hellamedics, Vengfull, or Misplay in game.