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09-05-2011, 03:31 PM
So ever since TBC always played ranged DPS: Lock and Spriest. Been thinking about moving to a new server and just rerolling from fresh. Figured a tank would be best because I can just use insta queue LFDs to get fast exp as well as gear and gold.

Just wondering which tank would be easier for a first timer. I guess with 500% threat mod they all can hold agro just fine. Id prefer something that doesnt require me to remap my entire keyboard and have to learn 40 keybinds just to play. I did try a prot pally on the last PTR doing some 5 mans and some raids but I didnt really like playing paladin much.

09-05-2011, 03:45 PM
Instant queues is a terrible reason to go tank.
That, and questing is probably faster anyway.

09-05-2011, 04:26 PM
Well, the above statement aside, Paladins are probably the easiest tank class to roll for a beginnner. This is of course very debateable, but i'll give you a run down of the cons of other classes from what i know.

Warrirs: I actually started on one of these as prot, so it isn't impossible. If you do end up doing max level contnt though you will find yourself with about 2 dozen buttons keybound and memorized. This ranges from attack rotation to situational cooldowns/utilities (shouts, HT, HL, sheild abilites, ect) to on use trinkets.

Druid: Now my knowledge of how these turn out at higher levels is limited, my druid is barely finishing classic content (lvl 50 something) But i do have constant annoyance with lack of rage upkeep. And it can be slightly dificult at very low levels due to lack of ability options, but it's been so long since i leveled my warrior, that might be true of all classe at low level.

DK: This is very controversal, people generally either love or hate playing a DK. Personally i like the playstyle, but in a pintch rune cd's can be a pain in the ass, you could call that a DK's achilies heel, other than their lack of a sheild.

Paladin: Pretty straightfoward class, versatile and able to hold itself up for a little bit if situation requires due to self heals, going out of mana rarely happens due to your CS giving you mana. I know there have been time playing one where i didn't like the mechanics of certain abilities but that was just mostly because i spent so much time on my warrior.

09-05-2011, 07:30 PM
In terms of learning, DKs probably have the steepest learning curve since active CDs are such a big part. At least for now they're unique in that respect.

But all tanking is pretty simple now, at least through the leveling process. Good gear and a moderate level of ability usage and you should be good with any of them.

09-06-2011, 06:05 AM
I'd say DKs are fairly easy to play, but hard to play well. Once you get death and decay, tanking becomes fairly simple... in fact, I wouldn't bother doing much tanking until you got that. As someone that's played a DOT caster, you'd probably find some of the mechanics fairly familiar, although the DOTs for a blood DK are not the most important tool in the arsenal - and in 4.3 they will be significantly easier to manage. What makes it harder is making use of all the tools in your kitbag - which is what makes the difference between a squishy DK that no-one likes and a beefcake DK that never dies. If you are doing fairly basic content, you can get by as a squishy DK long enough to find out whether you like playing as a tank or not.

09-06-2011, 08:16 AM
I have 3 tanks I play regulary... first time tank I would reconmend Pally, those are by fair the easiest (I havent played druid @ 85 yet so I cannot speak on their behalf) then comes warrior, then DK.

09-06-2011, 01:43 PM
I have both a 85 pally and DK. I really hated the DK and thats why I rolled my paladin. First people said I was hard as hell to heal even in 360 gear with 120% absorb from deathstrike even only doing normal heroics. My pally was doing Zuls in 346s and no one ever said anything. I have actually had healers drop group before first pull because Im tanking as a DK. I even think the same when Im going holy and up pops a DK tank. I just hope I brought lots of water.

Also theres times where someone might accidentally pull an extra pack or you get a pat that adds and you just have no runes available and DnD is on CD. Even if blow blood tap and hit a blood boil its such terrible damage if anyone starts AoE the mobs immediately go back to them. With my pally i can just hammer of righteous spam, drop consecrate, and holy wrath. With my DK I just prey DnD comes off cooldown before the DPS are dead and they turn to the healer.

Messed around with a Bear during 4.2 PTR for a good bit. I did a lot zul 5 mans and raids using the premade. It was pretty much spam my thrash/swipe macro and used glyphed maul and watch TV. I honestly think Bear is easier than Pally. Also gearing bear is easier since you can get by with some pvp gear. Not to mention you never have to respec to quest.

09-06-2011, 01:56 PM
Instant queues is a terrible reason to go tank.
That, and questing is probably faster anyway.

When I leveled my pally I was level 77 and still had half the quest left to do in Borean Tundra the exp from instances was so fast. Chaining dungeons is by far the best way to exp up until around 82. Also as the tank you set the pace so if you wanna chain pull you can. I cant stand getting some tank that thinks its hilarious to pull mobs 2 at a time. Of course that way yes you do get crap for exp.

09-06-2011, 04:44 PM
First people said I was hard as hell to heal even in 360 gear with 120% absorb from deathstrike even only doing normal heroics.
I really wonder what's going on with that, i played with a DK in the first days of cata and he tanked everything before any nerfs or 15% LFD buff in 333/346 gear just fine. Even after a basically wipe (all other four players dead, well learning mechanics took it's time..) he managed to stay alive on trash and bosses and wristled them down with contentment. It's really not about gear but hitting your cooldowns (maybe most importantly AMS) at the right times, interrupt the nastiest stuff, don't stand in the fire and hit deathstrike when it's possible and suitable. I've still to level my own DK, sadly i don't find the motivation to get through Outland (bah..) or WotLK (arghl!!!) another time..

But well back to topic: roll druid.
1) probably least buttons to play at it's full potential
2) leveling is a blast, put mangle on your hotkey 1-0 and don't you dare pushing something else unless grouping or hitting 85 :D
3) quick learnable solo and multi target priority/"rotation" list
4) easiest to gear by far, wearing 371 pvp gear is as good as wearing full ZA gear and almost on par with tier 11.