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09-03-2011, 10:48 AM
Shadowed Soul (http://www.shadowedsoul.net (http://www.shadowedsoul.net/)) is a 10 man raiding guild on the Ysera Server (EST).

Formed over 10 years ago in Everquest, Shadowed Soul is an adult, stable and low-drama guild and community. We raid to kill bosses and meet the challenges progression content offers. We believe in a work hard and play hard attitude to our gaming. During raids we remain focused and engaged. On Non-raid nights we relax and have fun with PvP, heroics, alts, older raids, guild chat banter or even talk to our girlfriends/wives and boyfriend/husbands.

Members of Shadowed Soul are required to play their respective class/role to its full potential, show up to raid on time and be prepared with the knowledge, consumables and attitude needed to advance through progression content in Cataclysm. As a 10-man guild members are also adept at switching roles and specs to meet the needs of each encounter.

We are always looking to improve our raiding force and are accepting applications from quality players and people.

Applicants should have excellent situational awareness (If the ground looks like fire, ice, dust, tornado, weird symbol or otherwise not what it is normally, move away, except when ground looks like the one of many healing or AOE damage spells of your fellow raiders) Easy right?

Applicants should also have strong understanding of game mechanics (including their own gear, spec, enchantments, gems, professions and reforging) as they apply to raiding.

Current Recruitment Demand
Tank Medium
Heals - Medium

Catacysm Raiding Experience
6/7 + 2/2 BH
12/12 + 1/1 BH

Raid Schedule
Raid A. Progression - Wed & Thurs from 7:30 11:00 PM Server Time (EST)
Raid 1. Less Progressive Sun & Mon 8:30 11:00 PM Server Time (EST)
The guild has been around for awhile and understands that real life comes 1st, but members are still required to have at least 80% attendance to be considered a full time member.

Use of Ventrilo for communication and raid addons such as DBM/DXE/Big Wigs, oRA3, SimpleTankFrames and Omen is required.

See you in game! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uHXcdpsJ7E