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08-29-2011, 12:40 PM
Here is the thing.

Being the 6th DK Tank in my server (Elehisie@TheForgottenCoast) made me realize how stuck the whole realm really is right now. The Best guild in our server is Pixxels and thing is they haven't killed H-Sinestra yet, and my guild is much much further than that from a decent progression.

On top of the server being a low end one, I've recently realized that the guild I'm in is a more of a 8-80 based guild than anything meaning like 8 members have made it to the top 10 of their classes in the server rank, but the other 20something players are on the very lowest end of the ranks. Which means we have a core group 4/7 in FL which i can't get into due to schedule issues and everything and my early group which I lead... But due to scheduling issues, the ppl available to raid with me are all undergeared and unexperienced, which by itself its not a problem. The real problem is that for the last whole month or so I've been getting inconsistently formed groups, so in every new run I have to train a whole new group of ppl. Therefore the guild doesn't progress much, and some of the ppl I've trained have switched to the other RL's late night run cuz they figure they don't want to wipe as much. In the late night group there are more experienced players, and some of the best players in the guild rank-wise which means the inexperienced ppl get carried over thru raids and don't feel like going back to my group.

My question is: Should I be looking into making this one a better group overall by limiting the ones who can come thru gear or something else like suspending ppl who don't show up, recruiting and whatnot or should I be thinking about leaving the guild (maybe the realm) and move on to something where i could be actually going to the FL runs?

Cuz at some point it seemed better to stay in this guild where the ppl are fun and get a second group going instead of moving into a guild where I will have to fight some other tank for my spot. I mean how much better a better guild really is for me if it takes me a month before I can ever get a spot in FL again? Right now I can go to FL at least once a week when the other tank raids with his hunter alt.


08-29-2011, 12:46 PM
My question is: Should I be looking into making this one a better group overall by limiting the ones who can come thru gear


it doesnt equal skill

08-29-2011, 01:01 PM
1. Server rank isn't something I would worry about because it's based on gear. And gear is a tool, not ability.

2. I'm not sure Sinestra is a good judge. Granted it should be easier since firelands normal gear should make it more accessible, but progression is current patch and you have 2 guilds on your server 4/7 Heroic. http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/the-forgotten-coast So you have guilds that are pushing content. I wouldn't worry about your server for top guild progression. It looks decent enough.

3. Attendence seems to be the real key. Not gear. Gear won't improve a bad player, nor will it hold back a good players. But what you should do is up to you.

A) You choose to invest time in this guild.
B) You try to app on the server.
C) You try to app on a different server or transfer and try to build relationships on another server.

If you go with A) there are a couple of brainstorming ideas that might help:

i. Since the two raids don't overlap, talk to the other officers about having players commit a toon to one or the other - that way they can run both and you don't lose people to the other raid.
ii. Yes - make attendence matter. If attendence is an issue you will need to find some sort of system to make people commit.
iii. When you add people to the raid - get them to commit to your raid and if they want to be in the other, gear a toon for the other raid. This is a lot like i, but instead of getting your officers to buy into it, it's getting your new members to buy into it when they join your raid.
iv. Ignore gear. I mean gear does help increase the ceiling - but gear is never a good proxy for ability. We're into H:Firelands and a friend of mine just returned - and in still mostly Troll/359 gear, he was out-healing some healers in 372/378 gear.
v. Find out why attendence is spotty - maybe the dates simply are just hard to get people to commit too... maybe there are other dates that work better.

No one but you can really answer your question about whether you should stay or you should go - ultimately that's something you need to decide yourself. It's something I went through a few months ago... asking questions and talking about it will help - but ultimately you'll need to decide for yourself.

08-29-2011, 01:04 PM
When you say "ranked on the server", do mean like wow-heroes gear score? If so, see quote above. If you want to progress you really need to keep the group together so you learn from each other and know each others tendencies; being a cohesive group more than makes up for gear. But keep putting new cogs in the wheel and you're destined to just grind along.

08-29-2011, 01:24 PM
ok here more detailed information for some of those players with the lower gear, skill isnt really the issue, experience is. But most of them don't show up enough to build on their experience, and therefore progress thru stuff... The other point I haven't been able to tackle properly yet is that some of the players who show up the msot lack in gear AND in skill, to the point I explain the fight multiple times and they keep doing it all wrong. I recognize it might be me not being able to explain properly, but since half the ppl can understand and the other half cant, I tend to think the problem isnt me. And those unskilled players seem more available to raid with me, to a point where i can't avoid inviting them without going over the guild's policy of having guildies over pugs.

I know the gear doesnt make the player and that the player will make the gear... but the think that is biting me on the butt here is this group really worth the effort?