View Full Version : US (H) Big Crits is recruiting! 2/7HM 12hrs per week 8pm-11pm Est Tues,Weds,Thus,Sunday!

08-28-2011, 09:15 PM
The Guild
<Big Crits> is recruiting hard mode raiders interested in 25-man heroic progression in Cataclysm.

If you are interested in our guild please real ID me at Snozcrits@verizon.net

Firelands - Cleared 5/7 HM

Notable Milestones
Heroic Sinestra World 458 US 135 25m
Heroic Nefarian World 541 US 167 25m
Heroic Choígall World 551 US 160 25m

We differentiate ourselves from your typical progression raiding guild in a few key ways:
1) We donít raid long hours, just 12 hours per week gets the job done
2) We play well together Ė dbags donít last long here; play your class well, and play well with others.
3) We have a syndicated web show about our guild - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je3ewhv7UhM

Schedule & Logistics
* Raids (25s): Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun Ė 7:00pm to 10:00pm CST (server is central time)
* Invites: go out 30 minutes prior to raid start
* Loot: is a five-person loot council
* Mumble: for VOIP, because itís awesome

Class Needs - 25s
Currently we are recruiting the following classes:

High Priority

Medium Priority
Ele Shaman
Resto Druid

Exceptional applicants of equal or greater progression are strongly encouraged to apply, regardless of class recruitment status

Raiding Mantra
Our standards are simple and consistent across all classes, specs, and players. If you want to make it from initiate to member and continue to be a part of the raiding team you need to meet the following three simple standards:
1)Play your class well.
2)Play well with others.
3)Show your commitment to the guild.

Big Crits, The Show
Big Crits is a web-based reality series about a World of Warcraft raiding guild.
It's about the kills & the wipes, the clashes & the collaborations, the loot, the laughs, and the drama. It's about real people conquering a virtual world.
We produce a web reality series about the trials and tribulations of end-game raiders as they work their way through progression. Episodes are out now and are released on a weekly basis. We currently in the process of filming season 4!

Please apply at: