View Full Version : US Pravus Dei [H] 6/7 HEROIC 10 MAN LF Tank and Priest dps\heals

08-28-2011, 07:18 PM
Pravus Dei is a guild based on the Bleeding Hollow (PVP) Server, based out of Chicago, and running on EST server time. We started as an alliance 25 man guild around a year and a half ago, and were, at our best, 10th on the server.

When Cata came out, we reformed the guild as a 10 man on the horde with a core group of players who wanted to actually progress and play at a higher level than before. After a slow start, we rose to the #1 10 man guild on the server and #2 overall at the highest point in T11, and in T12 we were the first to clear normals (10 or 25), and after losing and replacing a few players, were the 2nd (out of only 2) guild to hit 6\7.

Two of the new members we had recruited, a Prot Paladin, and a Disc \ Shadow Priest ninja server xferred on us and now we are in the situation of being ready to start on heroic rag, but missing a tank and a dps.

We raid Sunday-Wed 9PM - 1AM EST, though once the group is stabilized and we can clear 6\7H in a night, we will drop Sundays off. Please be knowledgeable, intelligent, and have thick skin if you plan to apply to our guild. If you have ever been in a raid and thought "I can't do this" then Pravus Dei is not the guild for you. We use a lot of 4 letter words, but "can't" is one that really gets under my skin.

No one under the age of 18 will be considered, and unless you have spectacular gear \ history, I probably will not consider anyone under the age of 21. The youngest member of our group currently is 22 and the oldest is 29.

We prefer a Paladin tank with a decent ret offspec, though a Warrior or DK could be acceptable as well, and the dps offspec is not a 100% requirement if you can handle main tanking on the 1 tank fights.

For the last spot, we really would like a shadow\disc\holy priest (someone that has no trouble switching between the specs for whatever we need), though I would consider a resto \ elemental shaman if you are good enough.

Please visit us at http://www.pravusdei-guild.com/ and post an application on our forums. The website is very new and we do not have an official application up atm, but include all the information you think I will need to make a decision on your ability.

Also, coming to Bleeding Hollow and speaking to Criztee, Bluesqur, Kalecor, Azelone, or Rudolpho is suggested, and be ready to get in vent with us for an oral interview at our request.