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08-28-2011, 12:37 PM
Hola, just started playing again after taking a break before Cata came out.

I hit 85 and was looking to play as Arms and Fury, but was asked to Tank as I have more experience tanking than DPSing. So anyway, I am gearing up as best as I can, but my DPS value is pretty flipping low, and I can't figure out how to raise it.


(I am not done enchanting and gemming my gear, as I said I just returned to playing, and still trying to get things to a good point)

When I solo/ run dailies, Recount is putting my DPS at approx 3k, this is in Arms stance, but with Prot gear/ spec, and when I go fully arms, I am at around 2700. I've read all the guides on Elitist jerks and browsed the threads here as best I can. I don't "think" its an issue with how I play or UI issue, it could be.

Truth be told normally I wouldn't care allot about this, but as a casual player now, I want to try to maximise my ability to get through instances faster. (if that even makes sense)

Thank you for your help.

08-28-2011, 12:49 PM
(More Heroic Strikes)

Prot will generally be low outside on an instance due to lack of rage. ~30% of our damage comes from Heroic Strike, which you'll hardly ever use outside since nothing hits hard enough. Likewise due to the lack of taking damage Vengeance doesn'r stack, and veangeace can be up to a 300% damage increase, and as you're not in a raid you won't have all your buffs leading to up a 33%damage decrease.

Inside an instance you talents aren't Optimal. BloodCraze is a total waste outside of PVP, does barely anything, drop it pick up Deep wounds. Gag order is also a mediocre talent (aslo great in PVP) with proper use of positioning, and abilities you do not need a ranged silence. Fill out Incite. Heroic strike should be your latgest souce of damage. you could also drop THunderstruck or Imp revenge (and thus take revenge off your bars. Howevewr if you're having rage issues don't drop Revenge) to finish off Incite and Cruelty.

Edit: you need to get a full gear set for each spec. Arms Gear will have lots of Crit on it and will mainly Gem strength. Prot gear will have lots of mastery and mainly gem mastery.

08-28-2011, 01:02 PM
Working on trying to get a full set now. Last night was the first night I started actually running instances, not even a full 24 hours ago.

Making the changes now to my spec and all, anything else you can toss at me?

08-28-2011, 01:10 PM
I concur with Tengenstein above, adjusting your spec & getting better gear will improve you a lot.
When you have a decent prot set and still struggle on questing/solo'ing (should you wish to solo as prot over arms), try pulling 3-4 mobs at once and AoE tank them down. Each kill will give you a major heal through Victory Rush and the group of mobs will give you a slightly better Vengeance and the rage income to Cleave more. You'll also be doing far better DPS with Blood and Thunder being spread around.

For now it seems you mainly need better gear. Focus on avoidance & mastery, gem correctly etc. (you can find most of the info about gearing in the stickies on the forums here) and worry about DPS once you got the gear to back it up.

Edit: To throw more at you, what do you usually do for DPS when in prot spec?

08-28-2011, 01:15 PM
For arms or for prot, they share almost nothing? arms spec looks alright, though once again you can pull talents form Bloodcraze into either Tactical mastery for stancedancing or Executioner. Incite is not such a great talent for Arms since Rage doesn't often have to burn excess rage.

08-28-2011, 02:26 PM
Edit: To throw more at you, what do you usually do for DPS when in prot spec?

Just swapped over to it last night, I had two arms specs up till then, so its sort of hard for me to answer that