View Full Version : US Lost Destiny 7/7 recruiting for 2nd FL group

08-24-2011, 06:12 PM
Lost Destiny is a Level 25 10-man raiding guild on Shattered Hand US (Horde). We have a casual raiding schedule but we also embrace the challenge of new content. Our guild caters to adult players (21+) who have real life obligations and wish to make the most of their time in-game. Our core team has completed 7/7 Firelands normal and is looking to start heroic modes in the upcoming weeks.

We are currently recruiting social players, as well as raiding players for a second 10-man Firelands group. Our core raid team currently raids:

Friday: 10PM 2AM EST

Monday: 10PM 1AM EST

Our second Firelands team will run on different nights than our core roster, most likely on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday. This schedule is still open to debate based on when players can attend.

Raiding expectations: Although we have a casual schedule, we expect all raiders to be reforged, gemmed, and enchanted for raids. Flasks and fish feasts are provided to raiders (mats permitting) and repairs are covered by the guild bank. Players should take the time to research new boss encounters prior to raid time.

If you are interested in applying for a raiding position in our second Firelands group, help us get to know you better by filling out an application here: http://lostdestiny.guildlaunch.com/

Casual players: We are always looking for more players to join us in 5-man heroic runs, retro raid nights, and PvP (Arena and rated battlegrounds). If you are interested in applying for a non-raiding position, please contact one of the officers below.

For more information please contact: Mortigi or Tyconn in-game.