View Full Version : US (A) Dark Legend - Earthen Ring - 6/7 Firelands looking for raiders!

08-23-2011, 05:06 PM
Guild Name: Dark Legend
Guild Level: 25
Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday: 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM server time.
Faction: Alliance
Progression: Firelands 6/7

What our Guild can offer:
* Ventrilo
* A disciplined and mature raiding environment
* A great chance to get a full-time raider position in a 10 man progression guild.
* A simple loot policy: Because we will only be running 10 man raids, we will be using a main spec/role open roll loot system. We do expect winners to be gracious and pass on later items if there are others interested in the pieces. Off-spec/alternate spec will only be allowed to roll if no main spec/roles need the item. Shoulder/helm tokens are give to those who will be achieving their 4pc bonus first.
* A simple guild rule policy: Don't be a jackass. This means treat your fellow player, be it a guildmate or a random player, with respect.

Ideal Candidates:
* Excellent Attitude and motivation to read over encounter information during non-raid times.
* Possess a working microphone and know when and when not to use it.
* Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not crash on heavily graphical encounters.
* Gear Requirement: 360 iLevel preferred. Please have all current factions exalted or close to it (The Avengers of Hyjal faction is the exception). If you cannot commit the time to do this, it is hard to believe that you would have the patience for glass chewing on new/heroic boss encounters.
* Your spec/role/race should be carefully considered before submitting an application. Once accepted, you will be expected to honor your application's information and not ask to have a role change two months into joining Dark Legend. Being a small guild means that everyone is important and dependent on each other.
* SPECIAL NOTE: Dark Legend's guild chat and Vent will be R-rated. We post this only as a warning to those who might find profanity offensive. (This doesn't mean that f-bombs and such will be exploding left and right, but don't be surprised if they get dropped now and then.)

Program Requirements:
* Ventrilo
* Currently, we do not have any add-on/mod requirements. This may change in the future.

Classes/Roles we are recruiting:
Tank - 1, possibly 2: Warrior or DK preferred.
Healer - 1: We are currently looking for paladin or druid.
DPS - 3: Rogue, DK, Warlock, or Druid (Moonkin or Feral).

If you are applying with one of the classes not listed, it doesn't mean we won't accept your application. What it does mean is that if you would want to raid with Dark Legend and want to do so with those classes not listed, you will be in serious competition with other people for loot drops. It also means that a raid spot rotation will have to be done on a nightly basis. We'd like to try to keep our rosters varied in the class composition whenever possible.

If you're interested, contact:

If any of those are unavailable, message another member and they should be able to answer any basic questions or point you in the direction of one of us listed should we be logged in with an alt.