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08-22-2011, 10:21 PM
Late Night Pain Train is a long surviving fraternity on Ysera. Formed in early TBC, we've experienced a myriad successes and challenges. While other large guilds have crumbled, LNPT stands alone as the #1 25-man progression guild horde side on Ysera. We are currently working through Firelands raid content and will be rolling on hard modes as soon as we possibly can.Raid Times and Attendance:Late Night Pain Train's raid time is 10:00 pm – 1:00 am server (EST) on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In addition, the occasional raid may occur on Thursday and/or will last past 1:00 server if we are pushing progression content. Invites will go out promptly at 9:45 pm. We expect all raiders to be at the zone, fully repaired, and prepared for raid with consumables at this time.We expect all members to maintain a minimum 85% attendance rate.

8/23/11 Recruitment Needs (Currently 5/7 H25 Firelands)
Warlock (Aff/Demo): Moderate
DK (Any): High
Paladin (Holy): Moderate
Druid (Resto): Moderate
Rogue (Any): High
Hunter (Any): High
Shaman (Enhance/Resto): High/Mod
Priest (Heals): Moderate

We accept applications for all classes and specs and you will be fairly considered based on many factors including, but not limited to class/spec knowledge, gearing, and achievements. If you think you're worth your salt, post an application, regardless of our requirements.

We are looking for applicants who:
** Have a stable internet connection
**Maintain a very high attendance rate
** Have experience in 25 man raiding, specifically Heroic/Hard modes
** Will be fully prepared for every raid with full consumables and appropriate gear
** Are willing to take personal responsibility for their performance, and to push themselves to exceed their own potential
** Are team players with a positive attitude and a desire to progress as a guild and as a high end raider

Loot System: Loot distributed through an Upgrade Loot Council system with representation for all niches in the raid. A framework for each raiding tier is established by a group of active raiders, with the guidance of officers, where distribution is decided based primarily by player quality, raid awareness, attendance, and the most beneficial upgrade for overall guild progression. There will always be plenty of gear to go around for everyone.
With that being said, loot drama is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

To apply, please visit us at lnpt.enjin.com

You can also contact Woglinde, Cobaro, Jabini or ask for an officer in game or via private message on our website if you have any additional questions.