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08-22-2011, 12:27 PM
Nightshift is a group of dedicated raiders who have been raiding together for over a year, and split off onto our own. Many of us have hardcore raiding experience dating as far back as AQ40/Naxx, while also more modern accomplishments, Sunwell pre-nerf, Server Firsts throughout WotLK, and continuing that into Cataclysm.

Weekend Raid Group Progression:
12/12 HM ICC WoLK Pre 4.0
8/13 HM Cata Release
We are Currently 2/7 Hard Modes in Firelands (Shannox, Ryolith)

Raid Times:
Fridays - 25 man Raid night 11pm -3AM EST
Saturdays - 25 man Raid night 11pm -3AM EST
Sundays - 25 man Raid night 9pm -1AM EST

Nightshift loot is done by council, and will be distributed evenly among those who we feel are doing their best job with what they have and who deserves it the most. Our objective is to get people evenly geared that are dedicated to raiding and thus progressing the guild as a whole.

Our current recruitment needs with emphasis are:

Core Spots Available:
Balance Druid (Boomkin)
Elemental Shaman
Disc/Holy Priest
Resto Shaman


Applicant Expectations:

• You are highly skilled at your class and are consistently looking for ways to improve
• You are prepared at raids with all consumables
• You are prepared for new content, you understand the strategies, and ask questions when you aren't sure of something.
• You are available to raid and have a stable internet connection. 85% attendance is required.
• Provide us with a thorough application - the more info you provide, the better.
• Log out in your PvE gear so our raiders can comment on your application effectively.

All raiders wishing to be apart of the weekend raiding group are required to bring the following each and every raid night

Attendance- Show up on time for raids to begin pulling at raid start time. This means showing up 15 minutes before raid time to gather consumables and be at the instance zone in waiting. If you cannot show up early then do your preparation ahead of time and log out at the raid entrance.

Mechanics- All raiders are required to know the mechanics for each encounter before get there. Strategies and videos on EVERY normal mode encounter are available to date. This will minimize explanations and maximize time on bosses.

Performance- THIS DOES NOT EQUATE YOUR WOL RANKINGS. This means doing the maximum output for each encounter while taking the least amount of damage possible and following the strategy without flaw. If a value is needed for better comprehension of what this means, then Performance = [Damage Done]\[Damage Taken].

Awareness- There will be strategies for each boss encounter. That does not mean there are not going to be random events that happen during the encounter, or an event that changes the flow of the encounter. Raiders are required to not only be aware of strategy events, but be able to react effectively when events do not go exactly as planned.

Communication- You are required to communicate when events that affect success of the encounter happen

If your class/spec is not needed at this time, and you believe you have what it takes, feel free to apply anyway. We are always looking to add exceptional players to the guild.
Any questions related to recruitment can be directed to Xarta, Elfriede, Summa, Seferren, or myself (Destruyen). Thanks for your interest; if you have already applied, please wait to be contacted by an officer concerning the status of your application. Please do keep in mind that you are able and encouraged to post on your application in response to any questions that may arise and are asked my members who are reviewing your application.

Experience is more important to us than gear. We can gear up anyone in a very short amount of time, however we want the people receiving the loot to know their class inside and out, to push the limit of your role while taking in the least amount of damage. We will look closely at your rotations/priority/talents, anyone can pug a a raid and get carried. Attendance is highly valued in NightShift, raiders are expected to always be be on time and ready on raid nights. If you want to become part of a long lasting group of dedicated raiders, fill out the application at the website below.


*When applying on the guild website, register under your curse/mmo name if you have one, otherwise create an account. Claim your character, and then click on the on the apply button on the front page of the website. Follow the application process and answer all question