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08-22-2011, 11:23 AM
Cannot Alter Thread Title. Typo! Raid starts at 10 PM CST! not Pacific Standard Time!

Recruiting Needs:

Balance Druid
Resto Druid
Holy Paladin

Realid: Rainmaker1657@gmail.com Website: www.deathcorps.us (http://www.deathcorps.us)

<Death Corps> of Burning Legion - PvP is a dedicated hardcore raiding guild looking to push farther in to heroic modes and we need some above average skillful DPS and maybe a couple healers to fill a few newly opened spots on our roster. Unfortunately a couple of our DPS had to take a break due to unforeseen life circumstances so we need to fill their spots asap to continue to progress.

90% of our crew our rocking 4pc T12 so a lot of the new people coming in to the guild will see themselves getting Helm/Shoulder tokens rather quickly. We currently have a 4th guildie working on his legendary staff and a 5th in our 10m alt raid (which is 6/7 first week in blues) and will be pushing alt HM's in the next two weeks.

Raid Times are Tue - Wed - Thu: 10 PM - 2 AM (CST). Our 10m Alt run occurs after raids or on offdays, whenever the crew feels like going in and downing a few.

Application periods are 30 days. In that time you have a chance to prove yourself and earn the title of <Raider>. Once Raider status is obtained you will have access to the G-bank for potions, mats and other items, repair bills and other guild perks.

Application Requirements
- Show up and be on time to every raid unless you notify us on the forums
- Know how to play your class and fight to get top numbers in World of Logs. We just don't want to kill bosses...we want to kill bosses while posting record numbers!
- Come to each raid prepared to down specific progression bosses planned for the night, know the strategy and perform
- Have a good time doing it. We are serious about raiding, but we have fun with it as well!

How to get a guild invite:
- Fill out an application at www.deathcorps.us (http://www.deathcorps.us)
- Well thought out applications get the most attention. Be detailed!
- Have a WoL. If you don't have one, create an account and do a dummy parse!
- Have a screenshot of your UI. Don't put "my screen capture button is broke!"
- A well put together UI can help us judge the type of player you are by
seeing keybinds, field of view, addon placement, etc.
- Once your application is submitted a recruiter will post a comment on your application for a
ventrilo interview. This is the time to feel out your personality, get to know you a bit and
an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have.
- If we like your application and your ventrilo interview goes well we will offer you the
opportunity to join our applicant ranks and begin participating in raids.

If the nice wall of text above this has intrigued you at all about our guild, then add me on RealID and I'd be happy to discuss more with you and answer any questions you may have about our guild.