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08-22-2011, 04:16 AM
Guild Name: Balance
Server: Bronzebeard (PvE PST)
Raid Schedule: Wed & Thurs 6-9 pm; Sunday 4:30-7:30 pm (all times PST; invites start 30 min prior)

About us:
<Balance> is a gaming community of friendly, mature, team-oriented adults focused on progressing through end-game content together while maintaining a fun and social guild atmosphere. Because most of us are working adults with full-time jobs, families, and other real life obligations, we only have a limited amount of time to play this game. However, we also strive to defeat all raid content while it is still relevant. Therefore, while we raid only 9 hours a week, during those 9 hours we raid seriously and get shit done. This is not to say we expect perfection from our raiders or that we never have fun in raids. We just expect our raiders to learn quickly from their mistakes and to know when it's time to stop goofing around and be serious. We also enjoy each other’s company outside of raids by running heroics, organized PvP, achievement runs, alt raids, and just shooting the breeze in gchat (which at times can get quite raunchy).

We were founded in February of 2007 and have since remained a very stable guild with a strong reputation and low drama. Since our formation we have defeated all raid encounters while they were still relevant, with very few exceptions, while raiding only 9 hours per week. This includes many heroic/hard modes as well. In BC we cleared up to Illidari Council prior to patch 3.0. In WoLK we cleared 25-man Sarth 3D, Yogg (server 2nd), and up to H Twin Valkyrs during their respective patches, and once ICC was released we were the second guild on the server to clear LK-25.

As with many guilds post-Cataclysm, we were recently forced to transition from 25-man to 10-man raiding. We run two balanced 10-mans whenever possible, and both have had equal success. Our ultimate goal, however, is is to resume raiding as a single, unified 25-man team. So with that in mind, we're looking for a few more folks to fill out our roster so we can consistently run two solid 10-mans as we work our way back to 25-man raiding in the near future.

Our Cataclysm Progression:
Firelands: 7/7 normal (10-man)
BWD/BoT/ToFW (pre-4.2): 3/13 Heroic

Our Recruiting Needs:
Tanks: Moderate need.
We currently have 4 main-spec tanks (1 bear, 1 paladin, 1 warrior, and 1 part-time DK). We're looking to add another skilled tank of any class to facilitate running two 10-mans consistently. If we only have enough players for one 10-man, we rotate tanks as needed. In addition, due to the design of some encounters, we may occasionally ask you to use your DPS off-spec. Flexibility here is key.
Healers: High need--any class except priests.
We currently have 2 disc. priests, 2 holy priests, 1 resto druid, 1 resto shammy, and 1 part-time holy pally. We're looking for a couple more experienced healers to round out our amazing healing team.
Melee: Moderate need, especially a ret pally.
We currently have 2 rogues, 1 frost DK, 1 feral cat, 1 enhancement shaman, and 1 part-time fury warrior. At times this can be our most clogged category, as some fights require only one tank so the OT must DPS. Also, it's well-documented that Blizzard hates melee, judging by the "OMGWTFBBQ heroic mode" that automatically activates when your raid comp is more than 20% melee. http://balancewow.com/images/smilies/icon_e_biggrin.gif So if you think you can give our veteran melee team a run for their money, sell it in your application!
Ranged: Moderate need, especially a boomkin and a warlock.
LF moar pew-pew lazor beamz! Equip your best codpiece and compete against our hot-shot ranged team that currently includes 3 mages, 1 destro lock, 2 SPriests, 2 hunters, and 1 part-time ele shaman!

About you:
We are looking for mature (21+), reliable and skilled players with a positive attitude, who know their class/spec inside and out and who are self-motivated to continuously improve their toon and their play. Our raiders are expected to research the week’s planned encounters ahead of time and to be familiar with any specific duties they may be asked to fulfill (e.g. interrupts, dispels, kiting, etc.). You must also be a team player and be willing to do the little things to help our raids succeed, including subbing in or standing by on the rare occasion it’s called for. In addition, all applicants for our raider category must meet the following requirements:

1) At least 9/12 T11 Cataclysm raid experience. Firelands experience is a plus but is not mandatory.
2) The ability to maintain at least 75% monthly attendance.
3) Ventrilo and a working mic for raids.
4) PvE gear that is properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged.
5) The ability to communicate your weekly availability for raids on our website calendar. This requirement is especially important! Regular communication is a must because it helps the raid leaders plan the raids in advance, which in turn makes them more efficient and enjoyable for you.

Finally, please remember that we are a community first and foremost, so if you are not interested in getting to know your guildies (i.e. never talk in gchat), or are a raid logger (i.e. we never see you except for raids), a “1337 rayder wit skillz” looking for fast loot, an attention deprived drama-llama e-whore, a fucking idiot, or a social retard/asshole/douche, please save yourself the time and look elsewhere. If you have any questions please feel free to in-game message Woohoona (recruitment officer), Cylviana (GM), Shawarma (dirty mexican), Tenley (banker and micro penis) Relm or Riceboy (raid leaders).