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08-20-2011, 11:06 PM
Ok so I've been having alot of thought lately about my tank. I know my gemming is off and and enchants are, but the communities views versus my raid leader's views are not the same. He believes I should b close to hit and exp cap,while the communtiy says who cares about threat stats mastery is bomb. So far everything is working out I may only be 3/7 but we're fixing problems that come along with progression. MY QUESTION IS: IS my set up now o.k.? What gems should I change? What trinkets should i aim for? and why are all these things better for tanks. I'm open to all suggestions and criticism i came here because i need some good help. :3 Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this and to respond with information that can help me be a better tank. Here's my char... let me have it ;D

08-21-2011, 03:23 AM
Your mastery rating is extremely low, in my gear which is about 7 item levels higher than your I have about twice as much mastery rating.

NEVER reforge to hit or expertise (except if you are having trouble killing Alysrazor hatchlings in time, and then only use that gear for that specific encounter). Think about the numbers. Crusader Strike crits for about 30k. Due to RF it will apply about 150k threat to the target. It doesn't matter if you miss 1 in 3 attacks, because those that do land generate so much threat.

Rule of thumb for reforging
If an item has avoidance and mastery on it (T11 chest for example) you won't need to reforge it.
If an item has 2 avoidance stats on it, reforge the one you have most of in total.
If an item has mastery and hit/expertise, reforge the hit/expertise to the avoidance stat you have least of in total.
If an item has avoidance and hit/expertise, reforge the hit/expertise to mastery (in rare cases it is better to reforge the avoidance to mastery).

puissant emerald in blue and yellow
defenders demonseye or fine ember topaz in red
eternal diamond in meta
fractured chimera eye, not solid chimera eye

2 points in Hallowed Ground --> Reckoning
2 points in eye for and eye --> Pursuit of Justice
1 point from rule of law --> Sacred Duty

For single target:
prime: Crusader Strike, Seal of truth, ShoR
Major: Lay on Hands, Focussed Shield, any other

For multi-target
prime: HotR, Seal of truth, ShoR
major: Lay on hands, any other two.

enchants: mastery (gloves, boots), otherwise avoidance (bracers), otherwise stamina (chest, legs) or armor (cloak).

If you have any other questions, my guide (see the signature) will probably answer them.

08-21-2011, 07:18 PM
as for trinkets i know they are situational, but i have the alchemist stone and porcelain crab. I get up to 72% block with it procced. I also have access to the scales of life the spidersilk spindle and moonwell phial and soon even the avengers trinket and baradin hold trinket.... What should i be using?

08-22-2011, 01:54 AM
On normal boss fights I would use the phial and the spindle, for fights with a mixture of magic damage and melee the baradin trinket instead of the spindle.

08-28-2011, 11:00 AM

You dont need hit ever. Just reforge it. If you are having threat/dmg ie: you are having trouble killing Alysrazor hatchlings exp is the way to go. So for instance if you need more threat/dmg and aren't at 26 exp you should reforge any hit you have to exp. (Unless the item doesn't have mastery on it then obviously you know what to do.) The reason is because it gives you more chance not to be parried or dodged. Which is twice the threat/dmg stat hit is. Personally before the hot fix and even now I never stacked ether stat and have done just fine. ( I understand with the new threat change that this is a mute point now.)

Also Hollowed Ground, I would never put more than one point in it especially if you are sacrificing points from rule of law which increases your cs crit effect by 5% which you use, I would say almost 90% more that consecrate. The other reason is because once you are 100% ctc (combat table coverage) 5%(passive miss chance)+parry+dodge+block=102.4% You will always block if you don't completely avoid the attack. Making the 3% mana gain from Sanctuary happen all the time only not occurring on parries. If I were you I would drop both points out of Guarded by the light. Personally I don't have anything in this seeing as you rarely use WoG unless you are in a bad spot and need a quick heal. Making 10% of the heal isn't going to make or break your raid. If it is see your healers. On a 30k heal that's only 3000 hp. Even when you aren't capped you still make up for the mana gain from Sanc. Also The other point I would throw in, Rule of law again more dmg better threat. Also 2 points in Reckoning is good, don't drop those. More melee attacks = more Windwalker procs = more dodges = more sanc procs.

Now for reforging this is mostly correct. This is the post, bold underline being my changes
Rule of thumb for reforging
If an item has avoidance and mastery on it (T11 chest for example) you won't need to reforge it. You still want to reforge if your avoidance stat if it is much higher than your other. Say you have 15% dodge and 17% parry and the chest has parry on it. clearly you need to reforge the parry to dodge. They have the same conversion rate so it's best to do this on every item till you have the two stats even.
If an item has 2 avoidance stats on it, reforge the one you have most of in total to mastery.
If an item has mastery and hit/expertise, reforge the hit/expertise to the avoidance stat you have least of in total.
If an item has avoidance and hit/expertise, reforge the hit/expertise to mastery (in rare cases it is better to reforge the avoidance to mastery). The only way you would want to do this is if the avoidance stat is your highest stat and you cant even them out any other way. Now I still don't recommend that you do this. Why you ask, because losing avoidance to gain mitigation is like side stepping. You always want to improve your stats not side grade even at the expense of slightly uneven stats. Yes mastery is better and more is better, but pushing parry and dodge off the table when you don't have to isn't(this is mainly for ppl close to ctc cap).

On a side note you should also consider that Kings/MoW with totems/DKs will add up to 155ish parry rating to your stats. Because you now gain parry = 27% of your str gained. Also depending of the food you eat as well your dodge or mastery will increase. So when trying to reforge and gem you should at least kings yourself and eat some buff food. That way you arent making your stats uneven by mistake. or if you eat dodge food shoot for a .5% difference with your Dodge higher by that amount. So when you gain the 1% or so of parry from buffs it will even out.

As for gemming your going to want to go with 3 gems: Puissant Emeralds for your blue only. Fractured amber jewels for your yellow sockets and Fine Ember Topaz in red. If you are a JC you want to use JC Fractured for your Prismatic sockets leaving one extra jc gem for a yellow slot.

For tanks at ctc cap:
This becomes a battle to balence your Dodge, Parry, and Block so to keep your avoidance happening and not allowing your block to scale so high that you are pushing avoidance off the table. for instance If you have 10% parry and dodge you will have 75.4% Block thats WAY too much. Look at it like this... as a boss swing resolves there's a roll from 1-100. 1-5 is your passive miss 6-15 is your dodge 16-25 is your parry and 26-100 is your block. The likely hood of you blocking is way too high. so you want to trim that down to like 65% and have the rest evenly distributed between parry and dodge. This can be very complicated and you will need to play with different gems and chants/reforging to even these out. Like for me my mastery was about 70% so instead of using all Puissant Emeralds I used the Dodge stam Regal Emeralds (in this case i was over ctc 5% so losing the mastery didnt mean losing mitigation. I dont recommend this if you arent well over cap) in a couple spots or something along those lines. All of this being said in order to cap ctc at this gear lvl (376 for me) I had to sac some stam. about 1200 ish which imo isnt huge. What i did was played with trinkets and I no longer use a stam one and instead use stam flasks rather than mastery elixirs.

It is not a huge deal to make ctc cap in early gear and stacking your block higher than 65% is ok until you do make cap or if you cant cap otherwise. The reason for this is because it smooths out dmg if you are blocking all the time better than if you just didnt have it and focused avoidance, and some atacks make it threw untouched by anything.

I hope this helped out some. I have a lot more info if you are interested. I think Im going to make a new forum post about this, but im not quite sure where it would go so Ill use the site forums a little more before going that far. I got all of my info from reading forums on EJ and MMO Champs and hours of personal tinkering on prt and in game.
Thanks for reading! Gokuson-Wildhammer