View Full Version : US Lf 9 experienced raiders

08-20-2011, 06:46 AM
I am looking to assemble a new 10 man group that has the ability to focus on progressive content without dedicating an absurd about of time to raiding every week. If you are looking for:

- No more then 2 days a week of dedicated raiding
- Mature atmosphere
- Positive environment

and meet the following credentials:

- hardmode experience in atleast two tiers of content
- Strong communication skills
- Positive attitude
- Exceptional at your class

This may be the opportunity you are looking for. For more information, contact me directly at Trucqulent@ Drenden, Alliance or email me at Morphius10025@aol.com

server/faction still tbd. officer/raidleader positions available. Recruiting all classes/specs. Potential times/days are Tuesday 7-10 EST wednesday 6- 11:30 EST friday 6 - 12 EST saturday Anytime Sunday- any time before 8 PM EST.