View Full Version : US (H) [Area 52] LNC(Late Nite Crew) LF ranged DPS

08-19-2011, 05:05 PM
LNC(Late Nite Crew) is a progressive raiding guild for the Horde of Area 52. We are looking for geared and experienced ranged DPS(classes below) to complete our 25 man composition and push our guild into Heroic Firelands. Knowing your class and spec in and out is required! The app is on the website(below) for those who want to come destroy faces with us.

We also raid old content, rated BG's, and more. The atmosphere is lively and animated. It will range from "G" rating to "R" rating. We joke, we laugh, we have fun so please come to enjoy!

Raid times

Raid times are 12am - 3am EST.

Desired classes

- Boomkin
- Hunter
- Mages (LF 2)
- Shadowpriest

Website, Guild Information, and Application at: