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08-16-2011, 03:17 PM
hi guys we have just started on shannox 2nd night on him tonight got a log from last 3 fights not to good at reading them tbh just wondering if someone could have a quick look see if theres anything serious were missing also bit worried about dps lvl's seem a bit low to me
heres the link and thx for any hlp and advice


08-16-2011, 04:15 PM
You set off 103 immolation traps, thats 2.5million damage that could have been avoided. DBM has a function that warns you when you've had one thrown under you. Make sure its turned on and your DBM is up to date. or otherwise get your raid to be more self aware.

Your tanks are stacking Jagged tear way too high, 13 stacks at some point, that'll require some heroic healing efforts, if your tanks are playing keep away well enough, and both are kiting there targets apart at the right time you need never get this stacked above 3. Additionally you're Tank should be trying hard to avoid taking the damage from his spear throw, the shannox tank especially as its more damage that doesn't need to happen. You're tank on Shannox has pathetic uptime on his Tanking Debuffs Demo shout and thunderclap should have near 100% uptime, TC was up for 44% of the time and Demo only a mere 17%. Other than his rend, Shannox's damage is all melee until P3, 10% less physical damage and 20% slow swing speed is a crap ton of damage, mathed out thats a straight 25% reduction in damage from melee attacks, or 33% more damage for them not being up.

I beleive Shannox has 24.05 million health on 10 man normal, each of his dogs has 9.6 million, a total of 43.25 damage to don in the encounter, there's a 10 minute enrage timer so you need just over 72kdps from you raid, so you're probably cutting it fine but might have made it. However P3 has a soft enrage in that its very difficult for the shannox tank drop his stacks and if he dies its very difficult for the other tank to pick up where he left off. In addition and crystal traps you have to burn down will push you past his hard enrage.

08-17-2011, 09:29 AM
thx for the help tengenstein let you know how we get on

09-02-2011, 08:24 AM
ah what the hell xD
It's sort of an old thread but I feel I have some info for you.

The way we managed to get this fight straightened up was like this:
- your Shannoxx tank need to be mostly stationary and moving out of the traps around him
- your riplimb tank need to know how to trap the dog and when to not trap it
- all of your raid members need to be in between the spot where shannoxx is tanked and the spot where riplimb is tanked, and not scattered all over the place.

Because if the traps fall all over the place, or worst: all near shannoxx, your riplimb tank is gonna have one hell of a time running all over for the next crystal prison trap. Another thing that helped us get this to be a foolproof fight was that the tank whos holding shannoxx moves over to a new and more clean spot once you get a buncha traps all stacked up near the boss. if you can get a tank to be really good on riplimb, ask him to try and trap the dog right when the spear goes off. like right before it hits the floor. That way you get double the time to drop off the stacks. cuz once the dog breaks out of the crystal prison, it will get the spear, run to the boss and just then run back to the tank. Don't forget though that when riplimb runs thru fire it will get a 10 secs buff that will prevent it from getting trapped and that time might be more than enough to kill your shannoxx tank.

this one is a tank fight more than any other thing.... don't choose your tanks by gear, give different ppl a try and figure out whos the best one for the dog.

09-02-2011, 10:49 AM
Thx for advice we have got him down now after tank sorted his rota out and off tank got hang of trapping and were doing it pretty much as you said grt advice and thx again