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08-14-2011, 11:38 AM
I've always found the threads here at tankspot extremely helpful though I don't frequently post myself. I recently replaced my T11 4Pc with T12 2pc and despite reading >100 posts on different websites (here, plusheal, wowhead, blizzard, etc) I'm more confused then ever. Briefly I primarily play a disc priest in a 25 man guild. We are mostly older guys/girls with very serious work responsibilities/families etc so we only raid 2 times/week but try to do the best we can with the time we have. We did manage to finish 12/12 T11 before the nerf and frankly were pretty proud of that. Currently we are 2/12 25 man though our 10 man team is up to working on Rags. Our healing team is always me, a very good holy pally, and a very good druid (GM). The rest of the healing team fluctuates wildly. My general responsibility is that of "tank healer" but since our holy pally is very good I spend a lot of time spot healing the raid and consider myself primarily a "swing" healer going between tank and raid as needed. This is me.


I've been generally happy with the AA/A spec as I find FL damage often comes in waxing and waning phases. For what its worth I'm always in the top 3 heals in fights that matter (I stop healing when wipes are called and others don't so those logs reflect that). My top heal is almost always PS:S so I realize that getting more mastery would help but since mastery scales so poorly with DA and Atonement I've gone primarily for haste with a little crit and de-emphasized mastery. I'm really just hoping for some help with stat weights that would reflect my needs as a swing healer. I'm open to talent changes and have been thinking about a non AA/A build but not sure if I can give up my pretty wings. I'd also be more then happy to hear any constructive criticism of spell usage. Here are a few recent logs for anyone kind enough to look at them. Thank you all in advance. Sorry for the wall of text but the best advice comes from the best information.

http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/bfxb2xdcovkvgxwz (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/bfxb2xdcovkvgxwz/)

TL;DR - Disc priest begs you to look at character and logs and help.

08-15-2011, 07:11 AM
Hey, I had an Undead Priest on Alexstrasza name Saint Stephen - another of my toons named after a Grateful Dead song; I deleted the Undead Priest yesterday in favor of a Dwarf Shaman named Ripell (Ripple was taken).

I do have Sugaree, my Human Disc priest. You and I are about equally geared, but since we run mostly 10 mans I tend to foucs on the tanks. However, when we do run 25s, I kind of do what you do, swing healing. For that I find bubbles to be a great buyer of time, however, Smiting is great helping out the melee. Frankly, now that I Smite heal, I wouldn't move away from it.

Anyway, I'm sure others here how are much better at the theory crafting will be able to give you some real guidance, not the anicodtal stuff I mentioned.