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08-13-2011, 08:06 PM
Paradox is a growing guild with high expectations. We began as a small guild of friends with the desire to raid and have quickly grown to be one of the best horde guilds on the server. Currently running 2 steady 10 man groups, 3 times a week, we are specifically recruiting substitutes, (which are always needed), with the hopes of acquiring enough steady raiders to break into the 25 man bracket.

Our current raid schedule is: Wednesday/Thursday/Monday from 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Central.

We are seeking experienced, talented individuals that understand the importance of being part of a team and respecting your team mates.

We are currently recruiting the following classes:

Class: Quantity:
Arcane or talented Fire Mage 1
Rogue 1
Destruction Warlock 1
Elemental Shaman 1
Retribution Paladin 1
Frost Death Knight 1
Feral Druid (Tank) 1
Fury/Arms Warrior 1
Discipline Priest 1

Although we only raid 3 times a week, we are maintaining a dedicated raid mentality. This means that if you are selected for our raid team, you will show up on raid days or inform an officer of any absences 24 hours before a raid day.

If you feel you match this criteria, please apply online at http://paradox-boreantundra.wowstead.com or contact an Officer in game.

Realm: Borean Tundra
Guild Name: Paradox
Officers: Ferinus, Shampon, Cambiato, Jatzull, Asmodeius, Paracelsus