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08-13-2011, 05:25 PM
good night
I'm having some difficulties as a warrior tank .. how to give a good dps, as in the struggle of alysrazor.
I think they might be my rotation, some healers say that I'm getting a lot of damage in raids ... more for my
research could not identify the problem.
I ask help from you guys so I can improve as a warrior tank ...
following my armory ... to someone who can help me with my prorblemas
Thanks in advance ...
awaiting response

08-13-2011, 05:51 PM
Threads like this are better suited to the HALP forum (like it says in the description); making your thread in the correct forum saves Kaze and Krenian a lot of work moving your threads to the correct forum.

I am no warrior expert, but I can't see much wrong with your gear. Who or what are the healers comparing you to? "Squishiness" can be attributed to many things including cooldown usage and positioning (or can simply be a perception they have which might have no real grounds to exist).

You may want to get some side-grade items with hit and expertise on for Alysrazor.

08-14-2011, 12:05 AM
Maybe use a mastery trinket instead of scales? The Mirror of Broken Images would be great.

Other than that I see nothing wrong with your gear. That only leaves CD usage really.

08-14-2011, 01:26 AM
A few things I see:

1. Revenge post 4.2 isn't all that great (low rage situations only) - Teng's done a lot of work on this. And 1 extra target every 6 seconds isn't great for AoE... So... Drop the 2 points in Imp Rev and put them in Incite, a few extra HS crits * 1000% = Nice :-)

2. Trinkets - 2 Stam trinkets here isn't bad. I use Mirror myself, but it would be a slight bit more AP. However, that's assuming you don't screw up with the birds and worms... Mirror has saved my bacon a few times as I accidently HL'd into a flame enema. It's a kind of pick your poison. Mirror is also great for the energy regen phase when tanking

3. You have 2 exp. This is one fight that if you're having trouble, exp may help since it's more a DPS job than a tanking job. Do you have a ring with mastery/exp on it that you can replace Theck's with? Do you have the mastery/exp helm that drops from one of the T11 raid bosses? This is one fight where mastery/expertise gear would be nice (do you have a crossfire for your DPS set? use it over Destroyer in the range slot). Extra hits = extra DPS = quicker bird deaths and less damage taken. At least until you are comfortable in your rotation and don't need the extra expertise.


DPS tricks:

1. Do you have any rogues in your raid? ToT on CD to you is a nice DPS increase

2. Spam Dev 3x after the bird hatches, it takes about 3-4 seconds to fully hatch and imprint on you. Getting sunder up at this point is good. Then... Pop Recklessness + SB and then SS, then fish for SnB SS procs until SB/Reck fade. Use Rend and keep it up with TC, replacing a Dev when Rend is less than 6 seconds left (less than 3 is better). --- make sure you're imprinted before popping Reck - it's a waste to pop reck before you get the 1000% buff.

3. The reason you use Reck right away, before you have vengence stacked, is it's a 5 min CD. If you wait, you may not be able to use it the second round of hatchlings. The second round you'll use it ~45 seconds in, when vengence is fully stacked, so it will help even more. In the 2nd phase, use Reck right after you pull the bird over a worm and it's satiated. If you use Reck in these two spots, even though you take 20% more damage, you won't be taking much damage and will be healable.

5. Don't pop SB on CD... but nearly do. Wait until you have SS up, then pop it to maximize the number of SS's you'll get when SB is up (double damage on SS when SB is up)

6. Don't worry about threat abilities - ConBlow isn't used, SW is though. I think.

7. Bleed Damage debuff... if your DPS can put bleed increase effects on the hatchlings your Rend ticks will get bigger. Things like Blood Frenzy(arms), Hemerrage (rogue), mangle (druid) or any of the hunter ones.

8. Physical Vulnerability... Same as bleed increase effects. If DPS can pop over and add the debuff before running off to other druids Brittle Bones (DK), Blood Frenzy (arms), savage combat (rogue) or either of the hunter ones.



1. I find it best to eat one of the worms right away - it makes things easier, less raid damage, and really, tantrum doesn't hurt too bad. Then I wait where I'm at, and after I get a tantrum, I HL to the next worm and it's a quick tantrum remover. Then I move the bird over where anotehr worm will spawn, because usually the bird is back in tantrum when the next worms come up and he just chows down and tantrum is removed. Then I pull him over to the other worm. And then I CD through the last tantrum.

By minimizing the amount of time the worms are up, raid damage is reduced, making life on healers better (unless your DPS is awesome and knows how to move out of flame enemas - most of ours is, but still) and you don't have to worry about flame enemas.


Basically - minimizing the uptime of the worms reduces the chance you'll take extra damage on accident. Maximizing DPS means the birds die quickest.

08-14-2011, 02:02 AM
Loganis said it all already but i'll give a short breakdown on where you can get some extra damage.

Get 3/3 incite should give about 30% extra damage on hs 4-5% total damage increase over 1/3 incite
Get 24 expertise 12% extra damage
Maybe get 6% hit for another 4,85% damage but this isn't really needed focus on the expertise

As orc you can macro the racial to shieldblock, I see you're almost revered as well get the trinket macro it to shieldblock and reforge it as well if you need more expertise. I usually use recklessness & inner rage with shieldblock as well.

You can get the boe trash axe as well for the bonus 3 expertise and it got decent stats, i enchanted it with landslide and use it for my fury set as well as on alyzrasor. Other expertise gear boots/trinket/ring from chimearon, boots from rhiolyth, ranged slot boe or from valor, helm from maloriak, i got the rep cloak and reforged it to expertise using mantle of patience for other fights, belt from shannox. Enough options out there, easy one might be license to slay from justice points.

08-14-2011, 05:40 AM
Myself i find i'm in few situations where Blood and Thunder helps me, My AoE is sufficient without it, and i don't have the rage to maintain the BnT single target rotation, so If you find you can't live without Revenge another option is living without BnT, or Thunderstruck. All thee talents pale in comparison to Incite on this fight.

08-14-2011, 06:10 AM
Remove deep wounds from spec and you will have extra points.DW work like strange on that boss and you can say they dont work at all.So if you want to keep tunderstruck to buff rend and SW than be free to remove DW cause that talent is almost useless on that fight.

08-14-2011, 10:39 AM
Remove deep wounds from spec and you will have extra points.DW work like strange on that boss and you can say they dont work at all.So if you want to keep tunderstruck to buff rend and SW than be free to remove DW cause that talent is almost useless on that fight.

If you want to respec for a single fight... I've dropped Imp Rev and haven't seen an issue in any fight... Well... I do rage starved at times in 4.0 heroics... But since I don't use it, even in AoE situations anymore... it's a good 2 points to drop as a matter of course.

08-15-2011, 02:37 AM
Ye he can ,but still rev can do 300 k dmg per hit so if your goal is just dps in that fight it is handy.Ofc on end it is player style ,but specific for that fight DW are lets say useless .
If he want to use rev for that fight I think this is maybe solution for him.I go to that fight with enough hit/exp to not miss or be dodged ,cause more hits you land on those adds they will die faster,and if we know that some hits are over 400 k dmg it hurts when you miss few of them in row.But it is individual on end,I hope this helped you.

08-15-2011, 09:59 AM
I found inner rage to be one of the main abilities to getting the birds down fast. Also your dpsers on your side should have some downtime and can help with killing the bird. While its not huge it does help.

08-15-2011, 11:44 AM
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