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08-12-2011, 06:50 AM
User Friendly (www.userfriendlyguild.com (http://www.userfriendlyguild.com/forum)) is a 10 man Horde guild on Ysera. The guild itself consists of two ten man teams, a weekday progression oriented team and a weekend casually oriented team. This post is referring to the WEEKDAY team.

Open Spots:Resto Druid
-OR-Holy/Disc Priest

Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 9PM-12AM EST (server time)

The User Friendly weekday team is comprised of veteran raiders looking to continue to enjoy Warcraft end game content. Many of us have been playing together successfully for years, and our members have experience on every raid tier since the beginning. (some even before via EQ) Because of our history, many of us have forged real friendships over the years and our group can be considered extremely tight knit.

Our raiding commitment can be considered as semi-hardcore. We are players who have been around the block, are not afraid of "numbers", and demand each other to play towards perfection. Mistakes and failures are analyzed and repeat offenders will be warned/helped, and if the problem persists, benched and then replaced. Most of our players have perfect 100% attendance, and everybody shows up to win. This includes but is not limited to ideal enchants, gemming, and always having correct consumables.

That being said, we are raiding only 3 days a week for 3 hours at a time. We enjoy things like holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. We don't enjoy things like working late, but understand when it occasionally has to happen. Our members lead lives outside of the game!

What we ARE:
We are a dedicated team. We fully intend to clear all available content, including hard modes and achievements. We are a tight-knit group of friends looking to continue to play together and enjoy our time together.

What we ARE NOT:
We are not a racing team. If you are interested in being top 10 US and obsessing over some heroic mode trinket that 5 members of the group need, then you are reading the wrong recruitment post.

Loot is done on a weekly rotating loot council. (the members of the council vary) Our members understand that loot is a means to an end. We do not have problems passing on loot to our friends, and understand that that super cool amazingly awesome item will be replaced by the exact same thing, about 13 item levels higher, within about 3 months.

What we expect out of you:
Knowledge. We are looking for people who know their class inside out. An ideal candidate will be current with every change and potential change that happens to his/her class, and be able to dps essentially with his/her eyes closed and one hand tied behind his/her back!

Performance. Many of our dps hold top 200 spots for their specs and an ideal candidate will do the same. We understand that everybody has lapses and makes mistakes, but repeated failures to things like void zones, fire, and "being the bomb" obviously won't fly.

Personality. As mentioned above, we are a close group. Raiding is how we choose to spend our free time, and we don't need anybody to screw that up. Succeeding jointly with your friends is much more fulfilling than killing some dumb boss in a video game. If you even moderately detract from this mentality, then we WILL pass on your application, regardless of your play skill!

Attendance. If you cannot make 100% of the above raid times, then please try to find another team that better fits your current schedule.

We realize that most people do not fit the above criteria. We are currently running with 11 players and aim to keep our roster as tight as possible with 11-12 players. If you feel that you would fit in, and our team is something that you might be interested in trying, please apply on our boards at http://www.userfriendlyguild.com/forum

Tell us, as best as you can and in whatever format you think will be the most persuasive, why we should want you as a raider and guildmate. Your application should include the following:

A link to your Armory page
A guild history with reasons for departure
The reason(s) you have chosen to apply to this guild
World of Logs parses
UI screenshots
Also, feel free to talk to with any of our guild members in game. He or she will point you in the right direction from there. Thanks for your time and consideration.