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08-06-2011, 03:21 PM
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Asking about bugs to circumvent boss battles is not appropriate on this forum.

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This is the second time you post about the same question and the first one was not a bug; it was removed due to the fact it discussed a bug in the game that you wish to figure out if it was fixed or not. Bugs of any sort should simply be reported. Not asked about. If you cannot find it ingame, then it is fixed. But this is not the forum or place to ask about such things.

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so,im sorry if i posted this already but i searched and couldnt find anything.there was a bug i heard about(i was lookin thru some baleroc 25 man heroic logs)a while ago with the trash on that fight giving you some damage and increased haste buff,did they ever fix that

if it matters the dates for the logs were earliest July 21st and the latest was august 4th