View Full Version : US [A - Kel'Thuzad - US] LF Prot Pally, 2/7 HM Firelands

08-05-2011, 05:37 PM
We currently are 3/7 Heroic Mode Firelands Content and are pushing Heroic Modes. Archaic is the #2 - 10 man raiding guild on Kel"Thuzad Server, Alliance side. (just got heroic domo : ) 8/8)

Raid Times:
Weds, Thurs, Sun, Mon at 9-1am Server Time (MST)

We are currently looking for:
High Need (of a ready to step into heroics):

Protection Paladin (if you are applying for this position please contact Pulled first and if he is not on Xesa)

Low Need:

Balance Druid

You are REQUIRED to know every FL fight before you join Archaic. This means even if you have not killed them, you have watched the videos until you understand the mechanics of the fights.

We are a tight group of people who have a single minded goal, Progression. We expect all raiders to come prepared and with knowledge of progression fights. We do NOT carry, and in 10 mans that is pretty impossible anyhow.Loot is distributed among members based on performance and current items in the slot. We endeavor to gear our raid equally to help us better progress as a team through heroic content.

Must have the ability to listen and communicate over Vent
Must understand we do not police content of guildchat or vent. If you are easily offended... move along.
We do not raid with a "bench". We expect our raiders to have near perfect attendance. If you cannot make 80% -90% attendance, we may not be the right fit.
You must have excellent awareness and mobility. If you stand in things and kill yourself or stress our healers mana you will not retain a raid spot.
That you understand raid spots are earned based on performance and attendance at EVERY raid. Just because you have a raid spot, if you do not continue to perform up to progression standards you will not retain a raid spot.
Have a good time. Do not take criticism personally, but use it as a chance to improve. We do not want to hear arguments, excuses, or explanations. We simply want the issue corrected so that we can all perform better and down bosses.
If this sounds like something that would interest you please shoot me at tell on Xesa, Etrium or Elaila or RL ID: archaicgm@gmail.com