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08-02-2011, 12:40 PM
Recently I changed main characters from my priest to my warrior to tank for the guild. We had surplus healers and few tanks. Anyhow, my priest was in full tier 11 gear when I made the swap. Because my warrior was an alt he only had what I could gather. Right before tier 12 launched I had a few weeks running as a tank getting some gear, yet not a lot. So we now are in firelands, where I have gotten some items, gemmed, enchanted etc. Ive noticed my dodge/parry have slipped down but I am still gemming mastery in every slot except to get the meta requirements.

Raid buffed I am running at about 15% parry, 14.9% dodge and 59% block. We are 5/7 in normal 10 mans (though I am tanking Domo he is down to 14% so 6/7 soon.)

What I was wondering is am I focusing to far on mastery? Seems my parry/dodge are low and I do not have much of a gap between parry and dodge.

I am at work on break, I can't go to WoW and link my armory for you to look at. My characters name is Pruke, US server, Malfurion if you feel like looking him up.

Note: I don't seem to have any issues being healed or suddenly going splat. It's more of a general question of because I didn't get a lot of tier 11 gear and just upgrade into tier 12. I got a mix of 353, tier 11, tier 12 which makes my stats feel kind of crazy atm.

08-03-2011, 01:58 AM
Although some people here disagree with me, here's what I generally take as gearing rules:

1) Hit & Expertise are virtually useless.
2) Aim for SB Unhittable first (Dodge+Parry+Block = 72.4%) so I can use SB as mini-shield wall (or rather guaranteed reduction)
2*) Hit SB Unhittable without avoidance trinkets, so I can swap for Stamina ones on heavy magic fights without losing my SB.
3) Once I hit SB Unhittable , start switching out Mastery gems with more Stamina
4) Reforge Hit/Expertise from Mastery to Dodge/Parry while maintaining SB Unhittable

That's about it. Oh, and use Eternal meta gem ofcourse, the damage reduction blows Austere out of the water.

08-03-2011, 03:54 AM
Looks pretty solid, would go for mastery/stam gems in the chest to get the socket bonus. Not a big fan of the hit/dodge ring would go with the vp ring and the firelands daily ring until you get the 391 rep ring.

As far as gems/stats go mastery>avoidance>stamina>hit/expertise, stamina isn't that important for 10mans more for 25s where tankdamage is a fair bit higher. That said you need enough stamina to survive some burst like on alyzrasor or last phase of bethilec just take enough to be comfortable. No need to stop stacking mastery after some softcap.

08-03-2011, 06:10 AM
I took the hit/dodge ring because my tier 12 was bigger upgrades, the ring it replaced at the time was a 353 ring so it was just a flat upgrade. Granted the hit on it's not real beneficial and I will get the VP ring eventially. I was able to get my 353 neck upgraded to the VP neck last night, which pushed my parry up a good bit as well as gave me more stam/str/mastery to boot. Next I will do the ranged because I am still using a 353 ranged item and the 700 point VP ranged is a solid upgrade. Feels weird my ilvl is 370 now and I haven't got the Cata epic ach yet lol.

Thank you both, I was on the right track and I needed to confirm it.