View Full Version : US [H] Natural Selection 25-man [Korgath] 7/7 FL Looking to push hard modes

08-01-2011, 03:58 PM
<Natural Selection> of Korgath is a guild of working professionals and college students tackling hard mode content on a 12-hour-a-week raiding schedule. We raid Sunday through Wednesday, 10pm to 1am Central (server) time.

Currently Recruiting -

Warlock - Any
Hunter - Any
Death Knight - Frost
Druid - Boomkin, Resto

Although these are our current needs we are always on the lookout for exceptional applicants of any class.

Current Progression:

7/7 Firelands

Additional Information:

We value personality as much as skill. We have an excellent, unpolluted atmosphere, and do not tolerate bigotry, raging, or any other form of bad behavior in our raids and guild chat. We are looking for people to join our community as well as our guild.

Raiders are expected to keep 75% or greater attendance to maintain their raid position.
PST to Case or Burningspray for info or apply at