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07-25-2011, 10:15 PM
Good day to you folks!

I am writing to see if there's anything that I have missed in my set up. I know that i am missing a few enchants on my gear. But I seem to be having issues while tanking a multiple pull. Specifically when I have 4 or 6 targets in the pull.
I try to keep tight on the aoe rotation, but it seems that there is alway 1 or 2 that pull away from the group and go for the healer sandwich. I can usually taunt them away, but then there are times when the dps will draw agro off me.

Here is a link to my armory. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/arygos/Salii/simple

I am using mr. robot to keep checking on my gear to make sure that it is top notch. Minus the expensive enchants that I can't afford atm. So any advice that the community could offer would be great and aprreciated when recieved.

07-26-2011, 12:14 AM
I never played a paladin, so take my advice with a big spoon of salt.

If you lose aggro to a damage dealer, it's usually their fault. If you lose aggro to the healer, it's your fault. You either take too much damage or generate too little threat, probably a bit of both. For damage reduction, consider crowd control. As long as you are not outgearing the content, a full trash mob pull can be very hard on your healer. Utilize symbols, I can't stress that enough. Mark targets for crowd control, then mark the first and second target to focus down. This way, you can concentrate on those first two targets and the damage dealers will have a hard time peeling them off of you.

Oh, and make sure you have Righteous Fury on.

07-26-2011, 08:47 AM
Mark a focus/primary target, hit it with avengers shield (unglyphed it hit's three targets). Hit other caster with your judgement while running by and melees with HotR. Holy Wrath doesn't deal much damage (it's splitted up between all targets) but it's generally enough to keep the aggro off a healer in the first seconds.

If you don't feel capable for now dealing with 6 mobs, CC 2. There's nothing wrong with that. Avengers shield + judgement alone are capable of getting the snap aggro of four mobs from range.

Specc: 2/2 Reckoning and Sacred Duty, both are crazy strong single target talents. Either 1/2 Hallowed Ground or 2/2 Guarded by the Light (drop 1 from Rule of Law for it).
Don't bother to much with powering up Word of Glory, you shouldn't need it in 5 man dungeons (+15% LFD buff) and entry raids at all. If you're ready for Firelands raiding you can pick the build up again.
Glyphs: Crusader Strike instead of Word of Glory, Divine Plea is for holy - Holy Wrath is a must have glyph for dungeons, the aoe stun is just awesome.
Gems: +67 dodge jc gems should be +67 mastery
Gear: get gloves and pants from T11
Reforging: looks really good :)

07-26-2011, 09:25 AM
Thank you for the responses folks.

For righteous fury it's the first thing that I make sure I have on. during TBC I learnt that the hard way. If I do a run with our guild heals I give them the marking decisions so that they can set the pace. They say they don't have any issues healing me, but they are a druid and can do fairly well. One of our guild heals shammy has a really hard time keeping me going. So it's unclear if it's me or them.

Thank you for the suggestions Klausi. I'll try to make the changes as soon as the servers come back up. I think the gem was a misread on my part. For now I'll have to do more runs to get the T11 gear. I'll have to read up more on talent specs and see what I can derive for my secondary. I really enjoy tanking and want to do my best it's pretty much what I have done since I started playing. Cata has been a bell curve of re-learning for me. So any other advice would be great.