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07-25-2011, 06:46 PM
http://files1.guildlaunch.net/guild/library/203647/gphead2.jpg (http://www.girlproblems.guildlaunch.com/)

About the raid: Girl Problems (http://girlproblems.guildlaunch.com) is a 25 man hardcore progression raid. We're looking to pick up a few key people for heroic content. We run three nights a week and are only looking for players who can make all three nights. We're looking for not only great players, but great people whom we can rely on.
We currently raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Invites start at 5:15pm server, and the raid goes no later than 9:30pm server. (8:30pm EST - 12:30am EST)

We run loot council and it works great. Gear is handed out based primarily on performance, attendance, preparedness, and overall attitude. All applicants are on a 2 week trial period from the first night you raid. During this time, you will be allowed to receive loot. However, keep in mind that as an applicant, you might need to prove yourself a little before grabbing the really good stuff.

Currently recruiting:
Death Knight - DPS: High
Druid - Feral Cat: High
Shaman - Elem: High
Shaman - Enhance: High
Hunter - DPS: Medium
Paladin - Ret: Medium
Rogue - DPS: Medium
Warrior - DPS: Medium

All other class applications are evaluated on a case by case basis and are always welcome!

About the guild: Knights of Arcadia is one of the largest and most successful guilds on Dark Iron. As part of the Penny Arcade Alliance, our focus stretches across every aspect of the World of Warcraft. We have players from every walk of life, and every play style. Our main rule is pretty simple: Don't be a jerk. If you have to wonder what that would imply, you might want to do some soul searching and have a cup of tea.

We are an incredibly fun group of people who have raiders from every walk of life. We're all adults who work and have obligations outside the game. The main thing that ties us all together is that when the time comes to play we're focused and prepared to win. We want to be here. We want you to be here. We expect our raiders to understand fights before we do them. You are expected to do research on your own by watching videos, reading forum posts, and asking questions. Ever been in a raid where 9 people show up to perform and the other 16 stand around with their jaws on the floor comepletely unaware of what's going on? It's not a lot of fun. Be ready from the first day and be vocal if you need help! This is not a kindergarten class. If you make a mistake, say so! Ask for assistance if you need it and don't do it again.

Applicants must make a commitment. We expect you to show up every night, ready to raid. You make a commitment when you accept your calendar invite, and we will hold you to it. If your schedule changes and you cannot make the raid times anymore, that's one thing. However, we are only interested in players who can make every scheduled night, no excuses. We all have moments when we have to take a day off, that's fine. Taking a day off every week? Not fine.

We supply all flasks and pay all repairs.

Sound good? Come kill monsters with us.

Current trash topics of conversation include: Crystal Meth and pineapple, hating Harry Potter, drinking, TF2, and cute pictures of dogs.

To apply, you can go to the Girl Problems (http://girlproblems.guildlaunch.com) website, pm me here, send me a whisper or mail in game, or put a note in a bottle and just hope I see it.