View Full Version : US [A] GNB (7/7): LF RESTO DRUID/RESTO SHAMAN and more. core spots for 25s

07-25-2011, 08:44 AM
Goliath National Bank has been an established 10 man guild since about February of 2011. We are new to Antonidas and by the end of T10 we were the top 10 man team on the server with 8/13HMs complete. We quickly completed content in Firelands with several server first 10 man kills and are now 7/7, but have decided to expand to 25 man raiding. We've done 1 night of 25 mans so far and in only 2 hours killed shannox and got beth'tilac to 4% while carrying a few PuGs too.

So, what we need is those last few members to fill our ranks and progress through 25 man raiding. We specifically are looking for RESTO SHAMANS AND RESTO DRUIDS!!!!

Complete list of classes we're recruiting:

Death Knight -
- DPS - Closed
- Tank - Closed

Druid -
- Feral DPS - Low to None
- Boomkin - Medium/High
- Tank - Low to None

Hunter - Closed

Mage - Medium

Paladin -
- Ret - Medium
- Prot - Low to None
- Holy - Low

Priest -
- Shadow - High
- Disc/Holy - Medium to Low

Rogue - Closed

Shaman -
Enh - Low
Ele - Medium/Low

Warlock - Medium

Warrior -
- Tank - Closed
- DPS - Medium

We are always looking for exceptional raiders, even if your class is low/closed but you feel like you are exceptional and would be worth taking an extra one of your class, then feel free to apply anyways, but know that the bar for closed apps is even higher than our normal high standards, so show us that you're worth it.

Raid times:
Tues/Thurs/Mon 6-9:30 server (Pacific Time)


About GNB:

Goliath National Bank is a casual-hardcore guild Alliance Side on Antonidas. We believe that you should be able to raid at a high end without devoting your life to it, so we understand when people can't make raids. We only raid 3 days a week for 3.5 hours at a time. However, when we do raid we bring our A-game and our goal is progression. We're the kind of guild that gets loot to kill bosses, not kills bosses to get loot. We have a relaxed atmosphere and like to joke around, and are probably not a good guild for little kids, but we have a great time, raid with our friends, and kick ass while we're at it.

What we're looking for in a raider:

We're looking for like minded people that want to raid at a high end level. We want people with high raid awareness, a willingness to learn, a passion to kill giant pixel monsters, and are not loot-centric. Gear isn't as much of a consideration as knowledge of your class, willingness to get the best gear you can outside of raids, and a desire to always perform your best in raids. We're fairly laid back and like to joke around, but trolling and purposefully harassing members is not acceptable and you will be gkicked.

Interested? Apply online at www.gnb-guild.com/apply (http://www.gnb-guild.com/apply) or for more information either PM me here or contact an officer in-game, the GM is me (irylath) and the other officers are fuoco, sheft, and vibrabunneh.

P.S. Tip on the application: make it look as professional as possible, make it easy for us to read and show us that it's worth our time to look over your app. WoL reports are currently REQUIRED even if it's only a BH or BWD or BoT run or something, it doesn't HAVE to be a Firelands raid boss, though that would be preferred. Especially for server transfers, it's worth our time and your money to show us you're what we're looking for.