View Full Version : US <Archetype> 25 man 1/7 HM LF exceptional DPS

07-21-2011, 10:35 AM
Who We Are...

Archetype is a raiding guild that was formed in 2007; formerly No Quarter, the top ranked active raiding guild on Winterhoof at the end of WotLK. We are looking to round out our member base for competing in Cataclysm Heroic 25-Man raiding.

Cataclysm Progression...

7/7 Firelands (1/7 Heroic)

6/6 Blackwing Descent (4/6 Heroic)
4/4 Bastion of Twilight (1/5 Heroic)
2/2 Throne of the Four Winds

Raid Schedule...

Tuesday to Thursday 8PM-12AM Server Time (CST)

Current Needs...

1x - Holy Priest
Every other class/spec will be considered on a case by case basis.
All exceptional players of any/class spec are as always encouraged to apply.

What you can expect...

* Fairness. We strive to be fair and equal in terms of rewarding members. Loot is distributed on a loot council and based around Attendance and Performance. Easy way to put it, if you put the effort in, you will get rewarded. There's no mysterious or recondite conditions for getting loot; show up, do well, get gear.

* Maturity. Maturity does not mean that guild chat and ventrilo run like bible camp. Maturity is knowing when to joke around and when/where to stop. We are a tight group and it has been built around mature members who work well together.

* No Drama. We have zero tolerance for Drama and people who would generate it. Plain and simple. This is a guild of adults, working professionals and post secondary students. We play WoW to have fun, not listen to people whine and make life miserable for others.

* Simplicity. "Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians," is a problem so many guilds face and likely one of the reasons why you're here reading this now. We have a small officer core and active discussions outside of raids. But during raids, there is one RL at a raid and the buck stops there. We simplify our raid structure not to be control freaks or to create a goat for when things go wrong, but to make communication succinct and clear. While decisions may be collective, the final word is from the GM or RL.

What we expect...

* Situational Awareness. Don't stand in the fire/void zones/lava. Being aware of your surroundings as well as those around you. This includes things like dragging fire over top of other players, chaining caustic slimes, being aware of potential aggro, etc.

* Class Knowledge. Speccing, enchanting and gemming appropriately should come as no shock to anyone wanting to raid. We can help sort out the rough edges but a good baseline is the best place to start. Just as important is the knowledge of other classes and their own roles.

* Good attitude. Towards raiding and others. With a small guild of roughly 30 raiders it's important that you work well with others. In addition to having the mental faculty to handle raids where wipes are inevitable and frequent; or loot may not necessarily be guaranteed.

* Dedication. Attendance is of vital importance to continuing success and a major factor in distributing loot. If you cannot attend all raid times on a regular basis, please do not waste your time or ours. While things can come up from time to time that prevent you from raiding, we do not tolerate excessive absences. We are also looking for players who are active within the guild. Participating in extra-raid activities. Members who are interested in what we all have to offer.

* Communication. Within Raids we expect Ventrilo and a working microphone. Any other time we would expect that members respect that we need to know if and when a person cannot be present. We have forums to share information and better ourselves through sharing that information. If you cannot attend a raid for whatever reason, we ask that you inform the officers by either posting on our forums or talking to one us. "No call no shows" are frowned upon, and can result in demotion from the raid roster or removal from the guild.

* Experience. Either with current content or previous content. Having Heroic WotLK, BC and Vanilla raiding experience is an asset we look for. Completing Pre-Nerf content is also an asset. We are not looking for people who face-rolled gear with badges to peacock their gearscore. We expect experienced players. While sometimes it can be difficult to get gear from your current guild or from other sources, we do expect you to have the best gear you can obtain through the methods that are currently available to you.

Final Considerations and How to Join...

If you have read this far and are considering joining. We encourage you to submit an application by visiting our website at:


If you have any questions feel free to contact an officer or member in game. You can also send me a private message on these forums. It is expected that you are at least Heroic Dungeon geared and otherwise prepared for raids and the schedule.