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07-20-2011, 10:57 PM
So, spent tonight doing heroic rhy (first night attempting, got to 22% in 2 hours), but because of some schedule conflicts, had to bring in some backups and go to BWD to kill Heroic Nef. We are replacing our offtank, so thought it might be a decent chance to get a good shield for him.

Well, anyway...I am usually the nef tank, but tonight I was doing ony \ the adds because it takes a bit more skill and knowledge of the fight. We kept wiping to a bugged add (not the topic of this thread), but during the runs I was being told I was taking way more damage than I should be. I went and looked at my self healing and found this.

Last Nef Kill

Rudolpho's Absorbs
1. Savage Defense Count 14 Absorbed 55674
So, over a 6 minute fight I had a total of 55674 absorbed from Savage Defense.
With my mastery I am suppose to put up a shield = to 97% of my attack power for 50% of my crits, and my AP was sitting around 25k for most of the fight. So basically, according to this, I got about the equivalent of 2 savage defenses in aborbs.

That is with
55 Crits from Melee
28 Crits from Lacerate (not the dot)
22 Crits from Swipe
22 Crits from Thrash (not the dot)
8 Crits from Mangle
8 Crits from Maul
5 Crits from Pulverize

Even with just the crits from Melee I should have had 27.5 Savage Defense procs. I cannot remember if Lacerate or Thrash are suppose to proc savage defense (I know the bleed part does not), but no matter what, I should have absorbed way way more than 55k.

I know there was a point in T11 that I was hitting 1-2 mil, or sometimes even more, in absorbs from savage defense from almost every fight.

I went back and looked at the overall for the time we spent on nef and found that I had only absorbed a total of 600k over multiple multiple fights. This was not wiping us, as we eventually found the bug that was wiping us and called it a night, but something is seriously wrong here.

Savage defense was account for 15-20% of my self healing for each fight, with Leader of the Pack covering the other 80-85%. This is backwards. I am used to seeing it closed to 20-40% leader of the pack, and 60-80% SD.

Has anyone else noticed this, or am I the only one?

07-21-2011, 01:46 AM
Have you tried turning it off and on again?

j/k, respec prob won't help, but it does look weird.
Question: was it just Nef? or Rhy as well?
If it was just Nef, deffo put in a ticket & explain that SD doesn't work properly on that fight
If it's on all, I'ld guess blame patch, but wouldn't know how it's being caused.

07-23-2011, 12:23 PM
Turns out its an issue with logging and recount. WOL corrects it, but recount no longer shows SD correctly (it used to). SD itself is not broken.