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07-19-2011, 07:16 AM
<Fatal Union> of US-Kargath (1/7 25M Heroic Modes) is recruiting ranged DPS and a tank or two for 25-man raiding 3 days a week (Tues/Wed/Thur 8-12 EST). If you enjoy the environment and coordination of 25-man raiding and can manage to play your class at a high level, you are welcome to apply at http://www.fatal-union.net/ (http://www.fatal-union.net).

Our recruitment is focused around people who can learn and endure progression kills in a 25-man raiding environment. Have the appropriate experience with this.

These positions are for trial spots. We are focused on making raid spots competitive, so the journey from "trial" through to "member" and, ultimately, "raider" can occur quite quickly based on performance. We review log parses after each raid and evaluate individual performance. And we pride ourselves in rewarding players based on attendance and performance.

Raid Positions Being Considered:

Feral Druid Tank
Protection Warrior


Competitive gear that is enchanted and gemmed appropriately for your class and spec.
Be able to attend our raid times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8-12pm EST (server time).

Come prepared to raids on time and knowing the boss fights; having flasks, potions, food, and other consumables.
Raid spots and gear are earned. Play well, maintain good raid attendance, welcome criticism and improve; and you will be awarded both.

About Us:

<Fatal Union> has a long history on Kargath dating back to Vanilla and has always been focused on progression.
We are privileged to have some of Kargath's most established PVPers. Guild arena teams and rated battleground groups are organized and run.
Alt raid shenanigans are conducted on Monday evenings.

How To Apply:

Visit our web site (http://www.fatal-union.net) and click on the "Apply" link located on the left.