View Full Version : US Bleeding Hollow Horde 10 man (Pravus Dei) 1\7 heroic LF Offtank

07-17-2011, 09:02 PM
Pravus Dei needs a new tank. Our current offtank can no longer make our schedule, so any interested tank please let me know.

We were 10\13 heroic last tier. We went from halfway down the second page of wowprogress (on our server) about a month into cata to 2nd on the server, and in the top 100 US 10 man at our highest point.. We would like to improve on that this tier.

We require a high level of skill, an open schedule between at least 9PM - 1AM EST Monday - Thursday (we do not always raid on Mondays, but will if needed for cleanup), and a positive attitude. Negativity and unwillingness (aka, saying "that can't be done", "I can't do that", etc) to do what is needed to down bosses will not be tolerated. Our last resto shaman burned me out enough on that.

Please visit http://pravusdeiguild.guildlaunch.com (http://www.pravusdeiguild.guildlaunch.com) to apply, or whisper Rudolpho, Criztee, or Bluesqur in game for more information. If none of us are available, any online member can probably help you out.