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07-17-2011, 02:46 PM
<Thrallstars> of Boulderfist US is recruiting select healers and DPS for Firelands raid progression. We are currently 4/7 in T12 25 man content and are working towards heroic mode progression.

Raid times are Monday to Thursday, 5:30 PST (server time) till 8:30 PST, other nights are off nights.

We are seeking strong and intelligent players who are committed to our raid schedule that also understand and keep up to date on their classes.

Recruitment needs:

Holy Paladin
Discipline/Holy Priest

You (What we expect from our applicants and members):

- Knowledge of your class in and out. If you have to ask us how you should be glyphing, this is probably not you. Are you gemming for Mastery when you aren't hit capped? Please do not apply.
- Raid awareness is a must. Our healers are trained to not heal stupid ;) Moving from fire and keeping yourself alive is better than tunneling and "upping your deeps".
- ATTENDANCE! While RL issues come up we do not raid for 5 hours a night so please make every effort to attend raids. We do have an MIA forum if something comes up.
- Research. I would hope this goes without saying, but please come to raids prepared for that nights progression. If we have to explain every detail about the fight because you didn't take the time to know what was happening, we do not need you in our raids.


- How is loot handled? We operate with a LOOT COUNCIL system to distribute loot. If you are punctual, consistent, and don't die to avoidable mechanics constantly, you WILL be rewarded.
- Will I have to have a raiding OS? If you are a pure DPS class, then of course not, PvP spec your hearts out. If you are a hybrid, feel free to keep your PvP OS but if you happen to be willing to go resto on a fight or tank for a fight that's greatly appreciated.
- What do I get for joining you guys? We provide consumables to core raiding members (after your trial period). We also can provide mats for enchants and the standard guild bonuses that guilds have these days.

If you have any further questions PM one of the following members:

Svenofnine (GM)

We only seek EXCEPTIONAL applications, feel free to apply if you are an exceptional player who has experienced heroic mode content and is willing to commit to our raid schedule. You may apply on our website at http://thrallstars.com/forum/index.php