View Full Version : US [H][Hyjal] <Dread> Recruiting heroic 10-man raiders

07-17-2011, 01:28 PM
<Dread> is a hardcore 10-man raiding guild waiting only to fill the following core positions to kill Ragnaros and start Heroic Firelands. We are skilled players capable of going 6/7 in one night already.

- 1 Healer - Priest or Resto Shaman

Stats about us:
- Raid Times: Tue, Thu, and Mon @ 6-10 PST
- 6/7 Firelands
- 5/13 Heroic T11
- Raiders have previous kills of 40-man Naxx clears, pre-nerf M'uru and Kil'jaeden, 0-light Ulduar, Insanity ToTC, etc.

We are committed to competing for server ranking, and will easily burn heroics once our roster is stable. <Dread> has not been around too long, but its players have. Many of us have played since beta. We have been members in, and officers of, top 50 guilds of times past. We've taken small breaks and had our 25-man guilds collapse after WotLK. Now we've come back together on Hyjal to excel in 10 mans, where we feel more comfortable.

If you have excellent situational awareness, are Firelands ready, and have a drive to rank in DPS or HPS, then we're looking for you. Come join a team of like-minded raiders to solidify a great new guild.

Log into Hyjal (US-PvE) and speak with Krackberry, Solaya, or Quietpaw. Or visit our website and post your interest: http://dreadguild.wowstead.com