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07-16-2011, 01:20 PM
Just came back after a 6 month break and going to roll a tank so I can get those nice instant queues. On my old account that got banned (still cant figure out why and they wont tell me) I already had a DK tank and a Prot Pally so I really want to go warrior or maybe druid. I kinda like Fury as a better offspec so that has me leaning towards warrior. But which one has less keybinds?

I injured my left hand in work a while ago but it can still hurt. I can use around 10 keybinds, including mouse binds, with a few clicks but anything like using modifiers and reaching halfway across my keyboard starts to hurt. I always play with my right hand on my mouse for movment and also using mouse button binds so I use my left hand for anything bound to my keyboard. Is either a warrior or Druid like my old prot pally that I could play with like 4 buttons and still hold threat even in raids?

07-16-2011, 01:50 PM
From what I've heard of other classes, warriors have the most abilities they use on a constant basis. If you're looking for fewer, I wouldn't go with a warrior tank.

07-16-2011, 02:05 PM
I can click my CDs thats no problem i did the same on my pally and it worked. Cant I get by with just shield slam, revenge, devastate, thunderclap?

07-16-2011, 04:00 PM
Single target

SS > Dev > Dev > Other Other = If threat then CB > SW > Rend/TC, if surviability then Demo/TC. HS is almost always on CD. You'll pretty much use SB on CD in Firelands, not much burst magic to worry about.

Multiple target

Rend > TC > SW >Rev/Cleave. TC to keep Rend up. SS on CD on main target for maintaining threat. Depending on the group may need to tab cycle.


Now to the question - can you just get by with SS, Rev, Dev, and TC. No. you need HS/cleave in there.


CDs - SB, SW, ER, LS, Trinkets, Recklessness (for threat/damage), Retaliation (AoE threat), potions, healthstones.

Situation, Pummel, Heroic Throw, Intervene, Intercept, Charge, Heroic Leap, Disarm, Victory Rush, Inner Rage (though this is one of the few abiltiies that is typically macro'd, and then into Shield Block).


Can you get by with clicking - if you're not in a top guild looking to press bleeding edge. Yes. If you have the 4 abilities you listed keybound and then click, a lot, you can do it. That's actualy what I do since so much of it is situational. That being said - if I could ever figure out keybinds (tried and failed multiple times) then I would be a far better tank than I am now.

If you're looking to be a very good tank but can't keybind most abilities, warriors will be the one that hurts you the most. I easily have 30 buttons that I can use in a single fight. Freaking Alysrazor I think I use every single freaking one of them.

07-16-2011, 05:09 PM
Cant I get by with just shield slam, revenge, devastate, thunderclap?
Yes, you could. But you're not even close to your potential this way. For instance you didn't list an interrupt. Clicking it on 1.5s casts all day long might will end up horrible. Besides that you didn't even list the most used ability - heroic strike. You would have to click it during periods of inner rage in a high rage situation every global besides hitting your four buttons.

And if i'm honest i can't recommend other tanks either but let's see:

Paladin? Basically You got a combopoint builder and a finisher for aoe and for single target each, that's almost it. Some filler abilities in between and you're set for tanking. But if you're not willing to push hand of freedom/sacrifice/salvation/protection from time to time, healing either you or others with lay on hands/word of glory occassionally you will not playing at your maximum. You have played one before, just to give you an idea: warrior easily double the needed abilities to be played on par.

Druid? The list of their often used abilities is fairly short (mangle, maul, thrash, swipe, pulverizse, lacerate, demo shout, skull bash, faerie fire, taunt, feral charge - eleven total and you're ready for almost everything), but while raiding you're "the" offtank and should be capable of playing cat as well. This will double your used abilities easily (fair enough: not necessarly the needed hotkeys).

DK? While clicking through all their cooldowns you might end up not playing at all ;)

If short queues are the only real plus for rolling a tank.. just don't. You'll end up at max level in no time whatsoever while questing and waiting for the invites. Just have a look at an arcane mage, they play at full potential with less then half a dozen hotkeys needed.

07-16-2011, 08:00 PM
warriors have the most abilities used regularly and honestly im using 20+ key binds and still have to click a couple things on my warrior so i dont see you getting by with less that 10 and still being a decent tank for warrior. druids dont require too many but still more than you would use as a pally. if your not able to keybind a decent amount of abilities then i would look into a razer naga or nostramo(spell check?) it will let you use alot more keybinds without having to move your hands as much. if your not able to get either of those then i would say stay away from warrior tanking and either roll a pally tank or a dps/healer.

healer might be a good option since alot of it is clicking with grid/voodoo/healbot ect and the que times arent much worse for healers than for tanks.

07-17-2011, 03:58 AM
These are my keybinds on my paladin tank, split into what I would classify as "essential", "non-essential" and "mouse-bound" with Clique. Basically to dispel (no pun intended) the myth that paladins don't need a lot of keybinds or use 4-5 abilities while tanking.

"Essential" Keybinds (I will use them very often in a fight, and reaction time counts or is the difference between dying and not dying - WoG/LoH for example). I never click these:

CS - 1
HotR - 2
ShoR - 3
Judgement - 4
Holy Wrath - 5
Consecrate - 6
AS - V
HoW - T
Rebuke - R (this is my interrupt button on all my characters)
Righteous Defense - G
Divine Plea - B
Cleanse - Tab
Word of Glory - Shift+4
Lay on Hands - Control+5
Arcane Torrent - Mouse4 (because of the AoE interrupt function)
Hand of Reckoning - Mouse5

"Non-essential" keybinds (often used, but usually not requiring immediate reaction times). Can be clicked with no real issues.

Avenging Wrath - F
Ardent Defender - Control+1
Hand of Freedom - Shift+2
GoAK - Control+2
Inquisition - Shift+3
Healthstone - Control+4
Divine Shield - Shift+5
Hammer of Justice - Shift+R
Divine Guardian - Shift+F
Divine Protection - Shift+E
Holy Shield - Shift+Q

Bound to the mouse with Clique for clicking on unitframes (can require quick reaction times)

Righteous Defense - Left MB
Hand of Protection - Right MB
Hand of Salvation - Mouse5
Hand of Freedom - Mouse4
Hand of Sacrifice - Shift+Mouse4
Word of Glory - Mousewheel Press
Lay on Hands - Shift+Mousewheel Press
Cleanse - Mousewheel Up