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07-16-2011, 05:58 AM
Hello and nice to meet you all, i'm new, as an user, to this forum but i've been browsing around here for a while now. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the tankspot team for your recent achievements in Firelands and also for your success with this project that you have going on right here, you've done a wonderful job please keep it up :)!

I'll start with http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Lylu/simple my char I want to ask a few questions about 2 talents
Eye for an Eye
dose this talent work on all AoE / some AoE (voley types) / DoTs?
dose it couse threat?
dose the 30% dmg done to the attacker also counts as a dmg reduction (90% certain that it dosen't but i hope that it dose :) )?

Guarded by the Light talent found in prot tree tier 5. Is this talent useless now, couse 10% more healing on WoG means +2k if non crit + 3.5k if a crit once every 30 secs if u use WoG on CD and if u need dose number to survive u won't make it anyway :)) and about the absorb dmg thingy i never use WoG when i have full hp so again useless, but i see FL paladins tank who still spec in it and i wonder why.

I'm very proud of my paly gear/gems/enchants etc, i mean i was till i met Beth'Tilac who shattered my pride with 60k-74k hits 40% of my hp up on the second floor, i died ofc and we wiped :| next time i started using cds and it was better but made p2 harder couse i used my guardian when i went last time up i hoped that i could save him for frenzy phase but my addon made the low hp sound and i hitted the panic button meaning guardian, still i had LoH for p2 and she died.

Dose she hit that hard any tank or it just me and if it's me where is the problem ?
Also next time i go there i'm planing to to set up this chain of survival abilities 1st time up Divine Protection + Holy Shied + WoG / 2nd time Ardent Defender + Holy Shied + WoG / 3rd time same as 1st. P2 i'll have the guardian then Divine Protection HS / WoG and LoH ofc the thing is i never test this sequence and i dunno if it will be doable couse of CD and also if the drone comes up and start draining Beth's energy the time between up phases will shorten.

That's it for now, i'm looking forward to your answers. Goodbye and Good Luck!

07-16-2011, 06:36 AM
For your next post you might want to consider using the "return" key :)

1. E4E: it proccs off just about any non-aura magic damage. So for example at Conclave of wind it would procc off Nezir's breath attack, but would not procc off the pulsing AoE damage. It is, however a talent not normally chosen as there are stronger threat talents further down the retribution tree (rule of law). It does not reduce damage taken.

2. GbtL: People take it with two talent points for the absorb shield that you get when WoG overheals you. A critical WoG can heal for anything between 40 and 55k, having a 50k absorb shield can nullify otherwise dangerous abilities. You basically time it so that you use WoG right before the damage, and absorb it.

3. Beth'tilak: Don'T be afraid to use cooldowns upstairs. You should only really need them later in P2 when the boss has over 20 stacks of frenzy. Make sure you don't go up without a healer following immediately. The DPS should be able to kill the drone before it comes upstairs. If they don't...well let's just say they need to get quicker.

Other stuff:

You don't need Hallowed Ground, put those points into GbtL.
Take the points from E4E and put them into Imp. Judgement (30 yd range).

I would use glyph of SotR and glyph of judgement instead of HotR and WoG. I would swap the ascetic crusader major glyph for divine protection for magic heavy fights (for example baleroc's inferno blade can get a bit hairy later in the fight, or Staghelm's scorpion form slash)

07-16-2011, 07:53 AM
Yeah the return key dosen't realy work so i edited using the BB code

Thx for pointing out my glyphs, totally forgot about them huge fail from my part The thing with Gbtl is that
You need 3HP crit on it
when you use it u need to be HP toped or at least not missing more then 25khp
WoG not on CD
Keeping all of those things in mind for maybe and absorb shield ... dunno gonna try tho`.
Hallowed Ground + Wings + inquisition are realy good for some aoe trash fight, and they're good in hc where u don't have MD or Tricks for aoe packs (i'm still puging don't judge! :D ).I use a macro which activates my rez trinket (Mirror of Broken Images) when i use Divine Protection. Dunno if it will work on Baleroc tho`