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07-15-2011, 10:44 PM
Looking for a guild for progression and Cata. I am willing to change factions or servers. I have experience as a mage and a paladin. Currently I am just working on my mage. Looking for a new guild because the progression on my server is very low. I am so tired of running through dungeons and raids and downing only 1 or 2 bosses. Spent a lot of time playing to only get the first 2 or none down the entire time do to people either not showing up or not taking it as serious as I do. Here are my stats very active almost 7 days a week id say around 20-40 hours spent playing a week. I have the drive and commitment to accomplish any task regardless how long it takes. I am very easy to get along with. I show up 15-25 minutes before raids with flask or any items needed. I tend to carry things other use too in case someone runs out or forgets something.

Name: Van

WOW-Heroes Link : http://wow-heroes.com/

Time Played: 2-4 years breaks in play do to work.

Work schedule: 0500-1800 MST. Occasionally 24 hour shifts every other month. Also field time SGT U.S. ARMY Vehicle Mechanic

COMPUTER: Alienware, GenuineIntel(R ) CPU u7300@1.30GHZ, 2G ram, 64bitOS

UI & Keybinds DBM, Carbonite, Dominos

PREVIOUS GUILDS: Modus Operandi, Ŗloodlust, Shiva, Bl‚ck Abyss, Blood Prophecy
Between deployments guilds feel apart or didnít know everybody and people left so didnít feel like the same guild anymore.

Previous MMORPG Experience: NONE

REASON FOR PLAYING: I started playing during my second deployment to pass the time. Next thing I knew it I was addicted. Like to take a break and play and let all my RL problems go away puts me in a trance where I donít think about anything but the game while I am playing. Gives my mind a break from reality.

I want to be in a guild that isnít all about gear. I want a guild that is about progression and learning new material quickly and efficiently. Need to be both serious and about having a good time. I am a quick learner and will respect to what is needed and learn that craft. Would also be willing to level characters for guild progression. Bottom line a guild that is willing to help me as much as I am willing to help them. I usually have plenty of gold. I also have a vent .

Contact info:
Yahoo id: vseady2000
Phone: ask for phone number do to privacy reasons
Thanks for your time.