View Full Version : US 3/7H 25 EST 12 Hour LF Exceptional Casters + Holy Paladin

07-15-2011, 06:08 AM
Server: US PvE Shandris Phoenix, AZ Datacenter
Schedule: Tues-Thurs 8:00p to 12:00a Eastern
Website: www.epitome-guild.com (http://www.epitome-guild.com/)
RealID: Billy.spangler@uky.edu

----------------------Current Progression:----------------------

* 12/12 - 11/13 HM Cataclysm US 132
*1/7 Heroic Firelands US 86
* All previous HM content cleared, including Yogg0, Tribute to Insanity, Heroic: LK.

--------------Recruiting for Firelands Core (High Demand)---------------
Shaman (Elemental)
Druid (Restoration)
Paladin (Holy)

------------Recruiting for Firelands Core (Medium Demand)-------------
Paladin (Retribution)
*Any and all exceptional players*

We're looking to fill these spots with qualified members for Firelands Progression. These are immediate, core positions on our raiding roster and as such, demand a high amount of situational awareness, skill and willingness to succeed.

We have an amazing guild here filled with talented individuals who are excited to offer an amazing atmosphere coupled with strong progression. If you're looking for a home that is great to log into, a raid that presses your level of talent and leaders who genuinely enjoy seeing their roster happy- Look no further.

http://www.epitome-guild.com/content.php Front page!

For more information or a private meet and greet, please message Zxi, Nohope, Twilightsparkle, Suzie, Scootaloo, DerpyHooves or any of our other amazing members in game. Enjoy your week!