View Full Version : US [A] Goliath National Bank Recruiting for 25M! (6/7 FL 8/13HM T11 pre 4.2 in 10 mans)

07-14-2011, 06:18 AM
So after long last we've decided to make the push to 25 man raiding, and the push is coinciding very nicely with our bran new website!

www.gnb-guild.com (http://www.gnb-guild.com)

Props to squats for all he's done. The website is extremely new so it might not have all the content filled in yet, especially the guides, but that is a goal of ours over the next week.

So anyways, we are recruiting for 25 and therefore we need EVERYTHING. But what we specifically need is high caliber players with awesome raid awareness with a passion for progression, so if you think you fit that description and want to try hardcore raiding on a casual schedule, then now is your chance! Now is especially the time to get in on the ground level. I like to think that a lot of people know who GNB is now, but we're fairly new to the server, especially compared to a lot of the other progression guilds like pure, axiom, exalted, forsaken, etc. I think we've made our mark and proven we're a solid guild despite all of the nay-sayers, and now here's your chance to get in and show us what you're made of.

The exact breakdown of what we need:

Death Knight -
- DPS - Low
- Tank - Low

Druid -
- Feral DPS - Medium/Low
- Boomkin - Medium/High
- Tank - Low

Hunter - Medium

Mage - Medium

Paladin -
- Ret - Medium
- Prot - Low
- Holy - Medium/High

Priest -
- Shadow - Medium
- Disc/Holy - Medium/High

Rogue - Medium/High

Shaman -
Enh - Medium/Low
Ele - Medium/Low

Warlock - Medium

Warrior -
- Tank - Low
- DPS - Medium/High

More about us:
Goliath National Bank considers itself to be a "Casual-Hardcore" guild. What this means is that we don't raid as much as hardcore guilds, only 3 times a week for 3.5 hours per raid. We also don't have a strict attendance policy. While we assume that if you sign up for a raiding guild you want to raid and will show up as much as you can, if you go on vacation or just can't miss a raid, or have a special occasion to go to, you won't get any complaint from us, go! RL is always > WoW. However, when we do raid we try our hardest. We min/max and research our toons, we become experts as much as possible. We raid for progression and to kill bosses. We get loot to kill bosses, not kill bosses to get loot, and we do it in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We're never going to progress as fast as pure, but we will see the same content, even if it's behind.

Our experience: GNB leadership has extensive raiding experience, including leading Top 10 US guilds. We have been raiding since vanilla and know our stuff. In Cata so far we were the #1 10 man team on Antonidas at the end of T11 content with 8/13 HMs down, and so far in firelands we are tied for the #2 10 man team with Axiom/Amazons at 6/7 Bosses down.

I will admit that the first few weeks while we fill out the roster may be rough, but if we get the people and stick with it, bosses will die.

What we're looking for in a player: players who are as committed to progression and killing bosses as we are. We are looking for players with high raid awareness who don't need us to hold their hand through bosses and can think for themselves. We have fairly high standards and will expect a lot from you, but the effort will be more than worth the reward. We do not want trolls or people that are going to be openly elitist towards people. In the end, what we really want is to have fun killing bosses with people we love raiding with.

More info:
Server: Antonidas (Alliance)
Raid times: Tues/Thurs/Mon 6-9:30 server (PST)
Loot Distribution: Loot council. This is the system that I used in 2 25 man guilds with zero complaints. Feel free to ask more about it.
Website: www.gnb-guild.com (http://www.gnb-guild.com)

Apply online today or send myself(Irylath), sheft, or fuoco a tell in game!