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07-14-2011, 06:09 AM
Chaotic Neutral of Turalyon
US / EST / 3 nights / 8:30-11:30 (T, Th, M) / Stormstrike Battlegroup
http://www.cnguild.org (http://www.cnguild.org/)
Updated: 6/7 Firelands as of 07/18/11

PVE Content
As mentioned above, we raid 3 nights a week. If we put it on a scale of 1-10 (10 being a top us guild like Vodka, and 1 being well, nobody) on how serious we take it, we would say we’re about a 7.5/10. The other 2.5/10 is pure delicious fun.

If you would like to organize and work on boss strategies ahead of time rather than face pull until RNG let's you win, you might fit in here. If you would rather clear as much content as possible every week, instead of having a night of 20+ wipes on a boss that isn’t a realistic kill target for that week, well then you might fit in here. We like hard mode content, but we understand that sometimes it just sucks all the fun out of raiding. While we’re focused on completing content, we're not going to deliberately burn out players in the name of progression.

PVE Recruiting:
We’re looking for a few good players to come be super awesome with us. Who exactly are we looking for? Well, here is a question for your question:

"What do you want out of this game?"

If you can answer this question, then you’re the kind of player we’re looking for. Most of our players have goals and are looking to accomplish something.

While we’re short a few of these specific classes, we’re open for many healing and DPS positions right now (honest exceptions: we're set on tanks, shadow priests, warlocks, and hunters), and we strongly encourage you to go ahead and apply. We’re very serious in that we would rather have good people than specific classes.

Mage (iceblock spec :P)
Shaman (elemental or even resto)
Rogue (either spec, preferably the ability to play both)
Paladin (holy)
Druid (resto)

PvP Content
We host rated battlegrounds on Saturday and Sunday nights, and have been doing so every weekend since Cataclysm was introduced. Our record is something to the effect of 145-117 (or something). These are for fun, points, and achievements. If we use that same scale as before on how serious we are about these, it's around a 8/10. If you can play at a 2k rating or above, and come properly geared, we can find a spot for you.

We have a few former Gladiators in guild, multiple arena teams queuing, and random PvP happening all week long. We're not taking nerd ragers or crybabies, we expect a mature attitude about PvP in general. Keep in mind PvP / PvE recruitment is handled separately and one doesn’t give you free access to the other, nor is it required to do both.

Current PvP recruitment:

Arms / Prot Warrior or Blood / Unholy Death Knight (we have one DK currently but need another that can switch between specs when needed, nobody wants to tank all the time so having a second would keep things interesting)
Healy type (not picky here, just need one more)

A little bit more about us...

Our Raiding History
Chaotic Neutral is a long-standing guild that’s been raiding under this guild tag since The Burning Crusade, the majority of our player base has been playing since original World of Warcraft.

We were an 11/12 (@20%) Heroic ICC 25 player guild last year and attempted a run at 10 player content for Cataclysm (5/12HM). Well… we’re back to 25’s now for Firelands and are 4/7 as of the first week of raiding.

Serious Business
Our average player is in their mid-20s to early 30s. The bulk of us have our own families, careers, and educations that require our attention outside of the raid environment. We think our time is very valuable and we expect you to feel the same way. So, needless to say, we're not a hardcore raiding guild -- we're an efficient guild. Our average lifetime attendance for our current members is 90%+. We hope that you are able and willing to bring that same dedication to our raids.

How to contact us:
For more information, or to fill out our application, check out our website: http://www.cnguild.org (http://www.cnguild.org/)

Feel free to get in contact with Wandappy, Dansu (pvp), or Deneb in game. If one of us is not online (which would take some kind of apocalypse), ask any member and they can find someone to help you.